Why Time

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Living knowing WHY

This is the greatest time to be alive knowing that greatness is not just reserved for the few but that it lives and thrives in all of us.  This is what gets me so excited and so fired up to inspire others, its why I exist to inspire others to insanely great action.  The WHY ignites the how, what, where and with whom. Are you living clearly knowing your WHY?  What inspires you and are you continually pushing yourself to action?  What is your passion?  If you are not passionate about you then how can you expect others to be passionate about you?  Passion drives all areas of your WHY.  When you lack passion in all that you are being you are not living your life with purpose.  Without a purpose, your WHY cannot reveal itself.  How can you be of service to others?

I meet so many extraordinary people that tell me they don't know their passion and their purpose.  Just asking and living the question brings you one step closer to uncovering your deeper WHY and hence your reason for being.  Start to become aware of how you want to be of service to others.  Passion plus Purpose = Outcome.  If you do not like your current outcomes then you are not living your passion and your purpose.  The outcome becomes clear when you want to serve the world.  You need to get focused on why you exist.  Recognize that inside you is the power to change the outcomes in your life.  You are not defined by your past or your future since it has not arrived.  You are defined by how you are being in this present moment.  You will be the one that defines why you exist and what you stand for.  When we all strive to help others uncover their deeper WHY, we create a new ROI for the world: Reach Out and Inspire others.  It is time that we all strive to make a difference in peoples lives.  You need to believe in what you are being, you need to take inspired action and receive your greatness.  Choose in this moment, now, to be the best you and know that by living your WHY every day, the World will be Helped by You.