Why Time

Friday, July 25, 2014

What do you stand for?

Life has a way of throwing a whole whack of shit at you. No matter what has come your way, you are still here, fighting for what you believe in. No matter what the 'others' have said about you, you're still sharing your intention with the world. Despite the disbelief in your cause,  you are still defying gravity by defying the system. Even when they try to bring you down to their level, you are still soaring to the stars. Even when they opt out of your inspirational posts, you still find the courage to share your story with others. 

You stand for something bigger than yourself. You believe that no one should ever be alone. Your belief in yourself has created a new energy for the world. You know that the world needs big dreamers who are no longer afraid to fuck with the system. You know it's your time to make a mark on this world. You stand for others even when they don't see it in themselves. You believe that you can inspire the world and you know what, you just have! By shining a light on your greatness, you are inspiring the world to do the same.

We see you and we believe in you. We always have and we always will. We want you to shoot for the moon because we know no matter what happens along your path, you will always land among the stars. 

We love what you stand for!