Why Time

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giving love and receiving love...

Over 8 years ago, my marriage ended after 14 years of devolution.  I poured my energy into becoming the best version of myself by going within. I embraced a deeper love for me and who I had become. Everyday, moment and person that I shared energy with, became my teacher. I lived a new daily affirmation that went something like this: "I am receiving love and giving love." I saw myself living in a beautiful, loving and nurturing relationship worthy of me. I meet so many beautiful people that do not feel they deserve to receive this kind I love. 

We are all meant to experience more. The people in your life are mirror reflections of you and what you believe you deserve. Everything in our lives are reflections of the love we feel for ourselves, the voices inside our heads and the choices we choose to act on. 

Close to three years ago, I experienced a new found love. I was ready to receive and to give. Angela, an angel entered my life, took my hand and showed me the path to true love. I felt my hand on her beating heart the moment our energies connected for the first time. At that point, I became aware that time is an illusion. There is no doubt in my mind that we had experienced this love before. Perhaps we had lost our way. In that moment. I had sensed the next 3 years with her as a instant flash of images. 

Inside you, in this very moment is the most beautiful love waiting to surface and surround you. The moment you become aware that it exists and you deserve to receive it, everything changes. No one else in your life needs to change. To experience the love that you deserve, only you need to change the way you love and feel about yourself. Look at yourself with a new and open heart. Tell yourself that you are loved, whole, perfect and beautiful. See this love growing inside you as a ball of white light expanding and filling your mind, body and soul. See this light breaking through the walls that you have created and travelling into the world filling others up. 

Today, live and receive the love that you have always deserved. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tear down the walls...

So many of us have walls that have surrounded and protected us for years. These walls may have served you at one point by closing you off to deeper feelings. You built them at a time when you felt most alone. You weren't ready to face what needed to be faced head on. You chose to isolate yourself from the outside world. Looking at your life now, you realize that you have closed off a part of yourself. It's not easy revealing these emotions to the world. We all feel the need to project a persona of strength. The deepest connection to love will come from removing these barriers and letting the light in. 

We all admire your strength, your willingness to surround and inspire others with your light. This is also your time to let others in and see your imperfection as perfection. You were born to create, love and shine brighter for the world to see. You were meant to feel everything so you can live life by experiencing everything that it has to offer. You weren't meant to just survive and get by. You weren't meant to sit on the sidelines and watch your life pass you by, hoping and waiting to be seen. 

We see you and all of your greatness inside. You are not alone and we have only one expectation from you, that you fill yourself up with the love that you deserve. Tear down the walls that hold you inside. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You are meant for more

Today, you may be feeling more alone than ever, with little support from those closest to you. Over the past several months, you have given so much of yourself to others. You have been there in powerful and inspiring ways with little expectations from others. You wonder, is this all there is or am I meant for so much more? Am I meant to soar to the stars? Am I on a path that will impact others? Will I experience happiness and inner peace?  

You are never alone and you are never given more than you can handle. You are surrounded by love, light and a layer of unseen potential. It has always been there like a warm blanket protecting your energy. It has revealed itself to you in moments when you were not expecting it. You sense this energy in times of stillness and quiet reflection. Flashes of your unseen potential appear in your dreams. 

You are meant for so much more. You are meant to experience the greatest levels of love. You are meant to be filled with joy. You are meant to experience all of the wonder around you. The moment you declare without hesitation that you are here, now, in this moment, alive, free and filled with hope and limitless love, you will experience life at whole new levels. 

This is what we all want for you. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Wash away your fears

I love this kind of day, a rainy morning filled with cleansing. As I sit here in quiet contemplation and reflection on this mornings WHY log, I am reminded of the purpose that I have created in this world. Inside of you is an unconditional love and light that can light up a whole city. You may be holding yourself back from really defining yourself and your deeper purpose for fear of how it impacts others.  Over the years, you have accumulated a wealth of experiences and wisdom. Recognize that who you are today, what you feel, and the choices you make are the result of all your past years of influence. 

You were born free but somewhere along the way, your external perception became influenced by what others said about you. You allowed those closest to you to express their opinions that became your internal reflection of yourself. These images and thoughts created emotions that are deep rooted inside your cerebellum. You are not these thoughts. You are not alone, it's ok, we have all experienced the same emotional journey. 

Today, like the rain, sit in quiet reflection and wash away all of the fears, regrets, and past emotions that still cling to you. These emotions no longer serve you and the bigger picture of your life.  Cleanse them from your spirit so you can become free to live the life you deserve. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

What do you stand for?

Life has a way of throwing a whole whack of shit at you. No matter what has come your way, you are still here, fighting for what you believe in. No matter what the 'others' have said about you, you're still sharing your intention with the world. Despite the disbelief in your cause,  you are still defying gravity by defying the system. Even when they try to bring you down to their level, you are still soaring to the stars. Even when they opt out of your inspirational posts, you still find the courage to share your story with others. 

You stand for something bigger than yourself. You believe that no one should ever be alone. Your belief in yourself has created a new energy for the world. You know that the world needs big dreamers who are no longer afraid to fuck with the system. You know it's your time to make a mark on this world. You stand for others even when they don't see it in themselves. You believe that you can inspire the world and you know what, you just have! By shining a light on your greatness, you are inspiring the world to do the same.

We see you and we believe in you. We always have and we always will. We want you to shoot for the moon because we know no matter what happens along your path, you will always land among the stars. 

We love what you stand for! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Falling...

Running through the forest this morning at 6:00am, blasting Tom Petty's 'Free Falling' I have never felt more alive. I remind myself with every stride, that I'm here, now and free in this moment. I tell myself, I am this moment. I love it, the sounds of nature, the crisp cool air brushing against my face. It's the greatest time to be alive. I feel compelled to smile and express gratitude for the gift of life and inspiration that I have been given. 

Running a few strides behind me, is my love. We set a powerfull intention for the day. We don't let the day be created for us, we design the day. Our freedom starts at 5:00am with an incredible morning of quiet stillness and meditation followed by a few kisses of course, and a run along the escarpment. The world is not quite awake but we are alive in this glorious moment. We are free to inspire one another, ourselves and the world. 

When do you truly feel free? What do you need to embrace in your life to feel a greater sense of freedom? What things in your life do you need to shift? If you could design your day your way, what would it feel like? How would you express yourself to the world? Who would you share your energy with? 

When you come to the awareness that you are here, now, in this moment to make a difference, by contributing your gifts to the world, you will realize that you are already FREE. 

Stand tall, stretch your arms out wide, close your eyes and feel how free you are in this moment. We are all here to see you soar. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Be yourself

There is something so magical, so beautiful when you are being yourself. When was the last time you really felt alive, a deeper sense of passion and purpose coursing through your veins? I meet so many people that live their life through the eyes of others. At some point  in time, you knew who you were, what you stood for and who you wanted to be. Then, somewhere along the way, you stopped believing in you. You allowed others to form their opinions of you and those outside voices became the only sounds that mattered. You conditioned yourself to listen to the external voices and opinions of how and who you should be. You let others point a finger at you and tell you you're no good. Their lack of respect for themselves became an energy that your willing to receive. Their needs became more important than yours. Your identity became defined by what you did for others and what others say about you. 

You're greater than that. You know deep inside who you truly are and what happens when you start living YOUR life your way. Your brilliant life is not theirs to live, they have their own. This is your time to be, do and live the way you design it. When you are being yourself, you are feeling alive and on purpose for your life. You start attracting the people and the relationships that need to be there to support you and lift you up. 

Be yourself, because everyone else is taken. 

Don't miss out

When I was in my early teens, I was focused on pursuing a tennis scholarship. Everything about my way of being was focused on this sport and my pursuit of excellence. I lived and breathed this sport, from the moment I woke up to the last thought of the day, being a tennis  star consumed my mind.  My identity was defined by tennis and my ranking in Ontario. When I moved to Mississauga in grade 11, I quickly made friends as a result of this identity. 

As the years passed, I developed more and more severe back injuries that kept me from the game and my pursuit of a US scholarship. What occupied almost my entire child hood and early teens is no longer a part of my identity. I missed out on the opportunities to connect with my peers. I turned down parties and time with friends in exchange for endless hours of practice. I was so consumed with excelling in this sport that I missed out on the game of life. I didn't know how to be present to the wonderful people around me. Although this sport taught me valuable lessons of persistence and passion, it also taught me to look up, pause and be present to all of the beauty in the world. It taught me to breathe in my one precious life and to not miss the moments that take our breath away, sitting on the porch with my love, laughing with my daughters, shining a light on others and inspiring them in times of darkness. 

Life is filled with incredible moments that when you let it, will sweep you off your feet and take your breath away. Being present in every moment, helps you taste, sense and feel everything around you. Pursue your dreams with passion and purpose. Create greater meaning and outcomes for yourself, live with no limits , do it all now as if you had only a short time to live.  Chart the path you crave. Leap into your journey. Taste and drink in every moment along the way. 

Be this moment and you won't miss any more of them. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pick yourself

Today is the day that you pick yourself. You don't need a publisher to tell you that you have a compelling message to share with readers, pick yourself. You don't need a speaking bureau to tell you you're good enough to inspire the world, pick yourself. You don't need your spouse or partner to tell you how incredibly beautifull you are. You don't need a certification to affirm your credibility, pick yourself. You don't need permission from others to live your passion, pick yourself. You don't need a record company to tell you that you have song to sing, pick yourself. 

You have been patient all of your life waiting to be picked for the team , waiting to be picked by your friends, waiting to be picked for the job promotion. Today, you master your internal power and declare to the world that you are ready to forge ahead and create your own opportunities. There are no limits to your potential, no barrier that you can't break through, no level that you can't advance. You don't need anyone to tell you what you already know, you are beautiful, brilliant and inspiring.  So sing your song, dance your dance and publish your words. The World will be Helped by You.

I pick you.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to deal with Ankle Biters

I choose to live my life with a belief and a mindset that everyone is filled with greatness.  We were all born to shine and contribute our unique gifts to the world.  No one is better than anyone else just like no one is worse than anyone else.  We are all born with a blank canvass of possibilities.  We have all been given the miraculous gift of life and the ability to choose what we fill our black board with. We all have the same brushes and we can all choose to define ourselves and the bigger picture of our lives.  We can all choose to defy gravity by creating ourselves or we can choose to be held down.  We have the choice to live with greater purpose and meaning or suppress our passion. We can choose to let in the light or remain in the shadows.  I choose to soar to the stars, to taste my one precious life and to love unconditionally.  I choose to selflessly pour myself into others, inspiring them to do the same.

As you strive to break through the atmosphere and the temporary barriers that are holding you back, you will need to cultivate a new mindset - disciplining your disappointment and dealing with the ankle biters that want to keep you down.  Recognize that their energy and lack of control is not yours. You only have the ability to control how you respond.  During those tough moments, ask yourself: "What do I know for certain about this moment?"  The following tips will help you regain and remain in control of your responses:

My TOP 10 TIPS for responding to Ankle Biters:

1. Shift someone's anger and whining by asking them what they are most grateful for today.
2. Avoid negative people at all costs - they are like energy vampires that want to feed off of you.
3. Don't respond to a negative post or email you are only giving away your energy.
4. Avoid looking for what isn't there...replace it with higher levels of gratitude for what is!
5. Replace a negative comment with 5 positive comments, it will shift the energy of the outcomes.
6. Avoid wasting energy in trying to control other people, instead create a new perspective about them.
7. Listen with the intent to understand rather than the compulsion of replying.
8. Instead of listening to them complain, redirect the conversation to a positive outlook for the day.
9. Think about the tone and expression of your response/message before you deliver it.   
10. You don't need to be right, you just need to protect your energy by staying in control of your response. 

You don't need to know what the hell you're doing...

For the past several months, I've been working dilligently on my new book: 'I don't know what the HELL I'm doing but I know what I want.'  The more I spend time with highly successful people and continue to step into my greatest life, the more this concept resonates with me. You don't need to know what the hell you're doing. You don't need to wait until you're certified or when you have all of the details figured out. You don't need to wait until you have enough money saved or when your finances are all aligned. You don't need to wait until the kids are older or when your spouse gives you permission. You don't need to wait until you have 1000 likes or when you make the cover of a magazine!  You don't need to wait until the promotion comes in or when your boss recognizes your talents. You don't need to wait until the weekend or when you have more time. You don't need to wait until the seasons change or when the stars align. 

All you need is you and an unwavering belief that you are meant for more. You are meant to defy gravity by leaping out of bed each morning ready to embrace the miracle of life. You are ready to shine a light on your beauty and your greatness for others to see. You are ready to inspire others around you to no longer hold back from living an extraordinary life. You are ready to live with greater passion and purpose. You are ready to decide what you want most knowing that you deserve to receive unconditional love. You are born as a child of light. You are born with limitless potential. You are born with the ability to advance the human race. 

You don't need to know what the hell you are doing. You only need to know what you want. The world needs BIGGER dreamers. Decide what you want to most, take action and create your life. The World will be Helped by You. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Form follows Emotion

The key to giving life to what you are creating is through emotion. When you are on fire for your life, and living your passion and purpose, you are igniting your form. See form as the thing that you want to create most. We live and breathe in a universe built on perpetuated thought. Everything you enjoy was created through emotion. I'm creating this WHY LOG on my iPhone 5c which was created through powerful emotion that was driven by a passion and a purpose to create tools as extensions of our hearts. 

We are all born as powerful creators with an ability to conceive a creative thought. When that thought is injected with high doses of emotion it creates an energy that is alive. The conceptual thought is no longer a concept, it has transformed into  something new and tangible. It is alive as a result of you breathing life into its existence. You are the one that gave it energy and helped it become real. The form is brought into existence through the emotional belief that you create. This is the art of co-creation. It starts with a thought and a belief that you are meant for more. You give it action through your passion and relentless pursuit of excellence. Your purpose and WHY surrounding it, gives meaning and connects the world to it. Your emotion becomes an infectious energy that we all want to support. 

When you become emotionally connected to all areas of your life; all of your relationships, your career, your finances, your children, everything is influenced by it. 

You may be living, but this is your time to become alive for your life.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Now is the time to reinvent yourself

You're probably sitting there thinking about the bigger picture of your life right?Most people are to busy doing things that they really don't want to do. Somehow they have conditioned themselves to continue doing those things, over and over again. Weeks turn into months and months turn into years and you forget that what originally was going to be a temporary thing has taken over your life. 

Today's a new day, a fresh start for some inspired thinking around how to reinvent yourself. It's a lot easier than you think. Just look at your life now, where you live, how you are being, who you live with, the debt you may have accumulated and the job that you are in. Somehow, you managed to attract all of it. You were not forced into it. You thought the thoughts, took the actions and created all of your outcomes. Once you become aware of this internal power, you will see that you are the creator of your life. You can choose to continue down the same path that you have been on or you can choose to reinvent yourself this summer making the next 24 months a whole different series of outcomes. 

There are essentially 5 strategies that you can start committing to doing now over the next 30 days. They are simple and highly effective at influencing your habits. Once you understand that your habits influence your behaviour which ultimately affects your attitude, you will be able to reinvent yourself. The greatest common denominator among all successful people is the replacement of older habits with really great ones that propel their life forward. 

1. MEDITATE: every single morning the minute you wake up. It's the first thing you do. Do not check email, leave your phone in another room. Sit in complete stillness on the floor, legs crossed, eyes closed and breathe in and out and just fixate on one object like a flower or waterfall. Block out any other images that attempt to enter your mind. This daily activity practiced and mastered will bring you greater levels of inner-peace and strength you need. 

2. WAKE UP EARLIER: this is essential to reconditioning your mind when creating a new success habit. Upto this point, you have created a series of rituals and routines that will be difficult to manipulate at the start. Waking up one hour earlier will give you newfound time dedicated to the creation of new success habits. As soon as your alarm goes off the key is to roll out of bed immediately, do not hit the snooze button. Have a glass of water at your bedside and drink it immediately when you wake up. It will have the same effect as a cup of coffee. The night before start going to bed one hour earlier so you don't loose any sleep. 

3. AVOID WATCHING TV BEFORE BED. as you strive to create a new success habit you want to avoid watching TV before bed. This stimulates your mind and prevents you from having a more restful sleep. Replace that habit with reading a very gentle book or journaling some of your thoughts from the day. You can also drift off to sleep listening to a three minute meditation audio program as a great way to transition your mind from unrest to a very restful state. 

4. THANK EVERYONE as part of your reinvention it is necessary to express new levels of gratitude in absolutely everyone and everything around you. Many of us have conditioned ourselves to focus inward without really seeing the miracles around us. Higher levels of gratitude will really allow you to shift your mindset. Start with thanking five people a day for just being there for you. 

5. MAKE A LIST most people will never write down what it is that they truly want. The ones that manage to write down their goals will never look at them on a daily basis. The key is to visually connect what it is that you truly are striving for and see it on a daily basis. By posting your top 5 goals or milestones, you will be encouraged to take daily action on what you want to create most. 

This is your time to think about your life, what you want to experience and how you want to live. Just imagine your life in 24 months, it can be totally different and filled with greater levels of health, peace, creativity and abundance. Your reinvention starts now. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jump in puddles

Not too long ago you may remember the day you put on your favorite yellow or red rain boots with your favourite rain jacket waiting with anticipation to leap up into the air and land into the most exciting water puddle! 

The sounds of the splash and the dispersion of waterdrops everywhere made you feel alive. Your greatest intention at the time was to get wet make a mess and create the greatest splash ever seen by the human eye. You felt free and alive in this moment. You leaped with no fear. You encouraged your brothers and sisters and friends to join you and do the same. The rain puddles became your playground. You were the leader of your tribe and the master of your universe. 

Then you decided to grow up and leave the freedom of your play land.  Somewhere between the age of four and 40 you allowed gravity to take a hold of you. You avoid the rain puddles whenever you can for fear of making a mess. You control your world for fear of having the world control you. You may have forgotten the sense of letting go, leaning in and sometimes getting wet. 

To live the life that you have imagined, the one that you desire and crave, means you need to take chances and sometimes jump without a net. It's okay to fail and get messy, the world loves that and we've got your back. You won't know how far you can splash or how high you can jump until you make the leap. This means you have to get out of your comfort zone and out of the world that you've created for yourself. You made the choices to avoid the water puddles and you hung up your raincoat. You prefer to stay indoors during a rainfall waiting for the light to shine. In actual fact it's not the dark clouds that most of us fear it's stepping out into the light for others to see just how shiny our boots really are. 

You know who you want to be, you've always known it. Now is your time to lean in, bend down, make that leap and create the biggest splash of your life. Don't worry, the ones that matter will be there with you with their rain boots on and holding your hand as we all look out and make the jump of our lives. 

Let's get wet. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Living with passion and purpose

The second principle in my 6 creative rituals that push the human race forward is living with passion and purpose. So many people were raised with the notion that you cannot make a living following your passion. Others continue to tredge through life feeling that they don't have a purpose. They feel that these two concepts are reserved for the artists and the spiritual enlightened ones. 

Regardless of where you currently are or what you are feeling, all of us can tap into our passion. We all have the innate ability to feel and experience tremendous emotion. We can experience joy and excitement. The key is to become aware of these emotions in the moment so you can spend more time being in this state and doing more of what you love. When you are filled with passion, you're on fire for your life. People around you are attracted to your energy. Living with passion leads to a more purposeful life. 

Purpose like happiness is what we all seek. Many people feel that they don't have a purpose and they don't know how to define one. Passion feeds your soul and starts to define more clarity around your purpose. Your purpose is defined as how you are being of service to others. It is lived through your unique and special gifts that you decide to share with the world. 

Collectively your passion and purpose fuels a very powerful outcome. If you don't like the outcomes in your life I encourage you to explore living life with greater passion and purpose. Your outcome becomes the ultimate contribution to the world which I define as the World Helped by You. This is your driving WHY, or reason for existence. You're WHY goes beyond 'reasons and goals' it's far more powerful than that,  it's your compass, your light and your way towards living a life of sheer bliss and fulfillment. 

Another way to define your passion and purpose is to start with the outcomes, the experiences that you want others to feel from interacting with you. What do you want others to feel? What impact do you want to have on them? 

Life is meant to be lived with great passion and purpose. It is what makes us human and alive. It fuels our choices and influences our actions and behaviours. Dig in and continue to do the work on yourself, your life is the ultimate journey. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Release the Genie

Inside all of us lives a creative genie that knows no limits and no fear. It only seeks potential and opportunities. 

Have you ever stopped to reflect and  contemplate the genius that lives inside of you? Have you ever wondered what your full potential truly is? Are you comfortable being comfortable or are you seeking greater challenge and discomfort in your life? I meet so many extraordinary people that hold themselves back from truly seeking their greater reason for existence. They hold themselves back from igniting, defining and creating their deeper WHY. They fear delving into the bigger questions, why? 

So many of us have conditioned ourselves to stay in line with the status quo for fear of rocking the boat, standing out, and being discovered for who we truly are. We fear the light and continue to wait for something or someone else to give us permission to step into our greatest lives. 

Deep inside you is unlimited and untapped potential. Yes there is a genie and a genius that lives inside of you. It wants to come out, it wants to see the bigger opportunities and it wants to live and breathe. Greatness is not some mystical concept for the select few. We all deserve it and we were all born with the same seeds of greatness. We all have the ability to feel passion, define a purpose and set meaningful outcomes for our lives. We all have the ability to ask and live the bigger questions. We all have the ability to make better choices that impact our attitude and create our habits. We can all stand up and stand out and declare to the world with inspiration and enthusiasm that we are here now to make a difference. 

Life is brilliant and brief release the genie and become the person that you know you were born to be. 

The 6 creative rituals that elevate the human race

Over the next 6 days, I will be focusing on inspiring you to define new limits and uncovering   new levels of internal mastery through 6 creative rituals. Inside all of us is a creative genius that perhaps you have not tapped into, explored and pushed to the edge. These 6 creative rituals will help you develop a deeper level of awareness of your special gifts that when ignited, launched and lived, you can be who you were born to be. 
1. Unearthing our Unique Ability: All of us are born with it, a creative genius that is unique to each one of us. It is our original DNA that separates us from one another.  I call this our Differentiation Node of Access. When uncovered a new world of possibility awakens. All of the power is already there, it's always been there waiting for you to access it. 
It is your calling card, the surprise inside the box, your jewel, the sweet spot, the soft chewy centre that people know you for. You experience it in times of joy, you could perform it all day and be in a state of sheer bliss! It's effortless for you and you simply want to give it away. The only reason you don't pursue it, nurture it and live through it on a daily basis is that you can't see a HOW or a way. Trust in its energy and power and allow it to flow though you trusting that the way will reveal itself when you start to live through it.

Uncovering your Unique Ability differentiates you from others. It inspires, and illuminates the world around you. People start to see you for the authentic you that you truly are. You become a first rate version of yourself. It's worth spending the time defining it. Your passion fuels it and it becomes your vehicle for living with greater purpose. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

The fabric of life.

The universe is starting to become more aware of itself. Inside each one of us lives a deeper meaning and purpose wanting to break free. We all want to make a difference in people's lives. We all want to contribute our unique gifts to the world. We all want to be of service to others around us. All of us have a desire to be seen and heard for the people we are. 

We all want to wake up every morning leaping out of bed to create our lives. We all want to experience greater joy, fulfillment, peace and happiness. We all want to feel alive and we are all seeking greater layers of love. 

We all want to embrace our potential, face our fears and create a meaningful legacy. When we recognize that we want to leave this world knowing that we made a difference we can then start living. 
We all want to live with greater passion and have it course through our veins and fuel everything we do every day. We all want to be embraced and kissed as if it was the last day of our lives. All of us were meant to savour our lives. 

We all want to feel more alive and find peace in the moment. We all want to hit the pause button, look around and breathe in our glorious existence. We all want to contribute our unique and special gifts to the world. 

Since the time of our birth, we were meant for more, to live with limitless passion and purpose. Each of us were born as creators of our lives. We were not meant to sit on the sidelines and wait in the shadows. We are filled with a great light that connects us all. When we see, feel and believe in each one of us, collectively we will elevate the human race. No one is alone, no one is better or worse than anyone. We are not separated by our physical and geographical surroundings. We are all connected. We all weave ourselves into the very fabric of life. We contribute to one another's growth by consciously making a difference in other peoples lives. 

We are all part of this brilliant world, meant to thrive and reach a new summit of existence.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Heat up your WHY

I recently received an email from a woman expressing great interest in defining her WHY. She shared with me her longing to uncover her greatness and how she held herself back from approaching me several months ago when she first learned of my inspirational work. She has been feeling a deep, burning desire to make a difference in herself and in the world and she stated how she is now ready to step into her life.

I often receive these kinds of emails. She humbly requested that I consider taking her on as a WHY client as she felt she was now ready. I love it when an individual takes action on creating their life. I immediately responded with 3 BIG questions and an opportunity that would allow her to leap into the next chapter of her life. Two things typically happen within this scenario: 

1. A client that is truly ready, embraces the opportunity with great enthusiasm and moves quickly to the next stage. 

2. Fear sets in and the client becomes apprehensive and returns to her current mindset of holding herself back. They then justify it with a three-page email explaining the reasons why they hold themselves back which completely contradicts their initial email request of wanting to step into their lives. 

The most challenging stage of creating ones life is in becoming aware of change and taking action and pushing through the discomfort and fear of uncertainty. 

More and more I see that it is not the darkness that we all fear but stepping into the light and shining it on ourselves for the world to see. There's never been a greater time than now, in this present moment, to define what it is that you have a desire to step into. You have already mastered the art of comfort and holding yourself back allowing the light to shine on others. Now is the time to try something new that you didn't already do. Now is the time to embrace the discomfort as a catalyst for your greatest growth. Harness your inner strength and grab a hold of your life as if it was your last breath. 

If we all approached the creation of our lives as a matter of life and death we would all sore to new heights and reveal our true potential. This is your time to heat up your life. Bring it to a boiling point so you can generate the steam required to power the momentum needed to become what you seek.  All it takes is a willingness and a desire from you to make a difference in other people's lives. Put aside the fear by pouring yourself into creation. This is the domain, the space where your greatest opportunity lives. Become on fire for your one precious life. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Surrender and let go

Our daily lives over flow with accumulation. Our thoughts are no longer our own. Our dreams have become a distant memory. More and more we exist in the shadows of others. We read the pages never to share our own messages. We listen to the music never to sing our song and we watch the actors on stage as we wait for permission to perform. 

Some of you have already witnessed more than half of the summers of your lifetime. I meet so many extraordinary people waiting for permission to release their inner light. Waiting to remove the regret, the past pain and failures. Waiting to become certified. Waiting for more money in the savings account and waiting for their employer to recognize them. When we let go of all that we are only then do we become what we might be - Lao Tzu

Your childhood dreams are still alive inside you. You may have temporarily lost your way on your path to finding yourself.
You have become tangled in your own story and web of limiting beliefs for what is truly possible. You may have convinced yourself that you missed the mark and you're to old to start. These would be considered untruths. All that matters is the here and now, it's all you have. You can no longer touch the past and the future will become a result of what you decide to believe and act upon now. Your now directly influences what is next. The course and direction that you plug into your personal GPS is the only thing that matters. 

We've heard you sing, we've seen you dance and we have been mesmerized by your performance. Act now, let go and trust in the unseen and become the person you wish to be. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Light up the sky...

Everyday is an opportunity for you to celebrate your WHY. Everyday that you live with passion and purpose and a clear  understanding of WHY you are here is a cause for fireworks! So many of us have gone through life completely unaware of who, what, where and WHY we are here. We have somehow managed to survive by living in the shadows of others, never casting a light on our own unique gifts to the world. We were meant to believe that speaking up, standing out and stepping forward was a selfish act. 

Who are you not to shine knowing full well that it will lift the spirits of all those around you to whole new levels. This is your time to share your art with the world. To declare with confidence and certainty that you are here, now, at this time to be the best version of you. You want to be remembered for making a difference and for contributing to the human race. Simply existing in survival mode is no longer an option for you.   

This is your time to shoot for the stars and light up the sky. Be seen not for who you were, your past accomplishments and titles but for something bigger. You are now ready to be seen for being you. This is your souls recognition of its rightful place in the universe. We were all meant to lift one another up to a summit that benefits us all. We are connected. When you give to yourself by reaching out and inspiring others, it makes me want to do the same. 

You are the creator and the spark of your life. Ignite the fuse, look up and light up the starry sky with your beautiful self, it's where you belong.