Why Time

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gerry is Hitting The TV Screen

I always wanted to be a co-host on a TV show. I appeared on TV several times, the last one being CBC Fortune Hunters this year, coaching a Burlington company called DansceScape. My team and I put together a TV treatment this summer and a producer that has done shows like Canadian Idol picked it up and is in the process putting together and pitching a show called Jean + Gerry BRANDED. The film crew came into our office 2 weeks ago to shoot us in our offices, a typical day in the life of Jean and Gerry. Now for some of you who do not know, Jean Visca is my former wife and still business partner. A great person with a big heart. Jean and I still have a very solid working relationship as we continue to raise our 2 beautiful girls, Sophie and Emma while leading our Branding Company, Redchair Branding. We all get together (that is the our new life partners). How do we do it? What is the secret. Well, keep checking in for new and exciting developments on the Jean + Gerry BRANDED show.
Cheers .

Inspiring 1 Million Youth

As part of my goal to Creatively Inspire 1 million people, I want to inspire youth as well. I had a great meeting yesterday with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. They have asked me to speak to 600 youth at the new Conference Hall in the UofG. This is an awesome opportunity for me to deliver a high-energy and inspiring message to our Youth. They have the ability to Get Creative and do it now, create their desired life, figure out their unique ability and what they were born to do. Book the date and send your kids to this boot camp, it will be on Sat. Feb.21,2008. To reserve your seat, contact my Creative Assistance megan@redchairbranding.com

One of our OwenSound Boot Camp Attendees drove 3 hours today to engage me in a new branding campaign. I was really impressed that they drove all that way to work with me in a Creative Think Session. Steve, Don and Rod, thank you for coming out and for taking a seat in the Redchair, you guys were awesome!

Gerry and Emily at The National Speakers Bureau Party in Toronto

My goal is to creatively inspire 1 million people. As part of this quest, I have become an international registered speaker with The National Speakers Bureau. Last night was their 35 year celebration and open house in Toronto. I was featured in their new Directory and as part of their slide show line up. Emily attended with me, it was pretty cool, that made me feel like a celebrity. Great food, full bar, a ton of people. I even met the Astronaut Dave Williams.
Following the event, I was driving with Emily along Yonge Street, and I noticed a place I used to visit quite frequently as a kid, the BIG SLICE. The best pizza you will ever have. We managed to wolf down a huge slice each. Boy, don't get in the way of Emily and her pizza, she will take your whole arm off.

Yesterday was a big day, we met with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, they have asked me to speak to a group of 300 - 600 youth in their first ever Youth Branding Boot Camp. Very exciting, it will be in the new Universty of Guelph Auditorium.