Why Time

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 11 (30 days of reinvention) Get rid of 80% of your stuff

Several years ago during my path towards inspiring others, I was introduced to a simpler way of living. I have been practising the art of non-attachment for several years now. As a society, we are influenced and bombarded with messages to accumulate more in order to be happy. Apparently, we need to supersize our lives in order to experience greater joy, larger homes, bigger mortgages, more cars, more cell phones and lap tops, bigger trips, a cottage and a boat... One car is not sufficient when you have a 3 car garage right? Life is getting faster and our ability to consume more is growing at a rapid and uncontrollable rate. It's not sustainable and this way of living will impact us all. 

Since we learned a path to simple living, we have experienced greater freedom and inner peace. Years ago, we used to think our joy came from the latest shopping spree at the mall. Our trips to New York were filled with cab rides to Park Avenue. What I experience now with Angela, is tremendous joy from living every moment. We savour the small details in our daily lives; freshly ground coffee in the mornings on our front porch, a beautiful glass of red wine in our meditation garden, running along the waterfront in New York City. Long and beautiful kisses while we read to one another. Cooking an incredible meal together while asking BIG questions from our book THINQ. 

As part of your ultimate reinvention, we encourage you to take stalk of your life and really hone in on what brings you the greatest joy. Is it being plugged in on line 24-7? Can the hundreds of extra clothes that you never wear be sent to someone in need? When you free yourself from the external world you will free your spirit and experience a great lightness in your life. You will learn to be present in the moment and that is the only place that you will find your joy. Removing 80% of the stuff, people, energy, tasks that no longer serve you will finally allow you to step into the bigger picture of your life in a far simpler way. You are meant for more but you can be it with so much less. 

Albert Einstein said it best, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.