Why Time

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gerry is Speaking With Mike Lipkin

Wow, what an incredible day. I just got off the phone with Mike Lipkin. Talk about the power of the Law of Attraction. I saw Mike speak at the Phenomenal View Speaker Series (where I was partnered to open for Jack Canfield). I loved watching and meeting Mike and said that day, I will be speaking with Mike Lipkin. Several months later, we are set to speak together at a Redchair Branding/Ontario Chamber of Commerce Event called, The BIG THINK.
The event is scheduled for March 27th and 28th, 2009. This is one event you will not want to miss. This will be a 2 day spectacluar event designed to open your mind and get creative. I could not think of a better world-class speaker to be sharing the stage with than Mike Lipkin. Now just imagine if we can collaborate with Mike on a regular basis and start our own Power Within Speaker Series globally. This would allow us to reach a million people. Thank you Mike for entering my life.

Travelling The Country as a Inspirational Speaker

Good afternoon all, wow, what an exciting past few months with the Chamber Communities. I have been touring the province and have inspired over 5,000 people; injecting new hope, and creatively inspiring so many entrepreneurs and businesses. As part of my goal to Creatively Inspire 1 million people, I continue to receive more and more requests from individuals who want to get more creative with their business approach, and with their lives.
My ‘Get Creative’ speaking tour with the Chambers of Commerce kicked-off:
o In Hamilton to over 70 participants.
o Whitby welcomed me with open arms to a cast of 100 participants at an amazing dinner theatre.
o OwenSound had close to 80 businesses with a local sponsor.
o In Peterborough, I spoke to an energized crowd of 70 plus attendees.

Looking into 2009, I am scheduled to speak at 4 new Chamber communities during the months of January and February, including a trek to Timmins. We just received exciting news from The Guelph Chamber as a result of Lloyd Longfield taking action and hosting the first ever Youth Boot Camp targeting 600 participants with me as the key-note Inspirator.

In March we will be hosting the first BIG THINK Retreat in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce exclusive to all the Chambers of Commerce (to a cast of 250 attendees). At this event, I will be partnered on stage with World Class Speaker, Mike Lipkin so you won’t want to miss out on this event, trust me. We will be sold out by mid January, so stay tuned about how you can register for this exclusive creative event. The goal is to attract larger crowds of 200 plus to each of your Boot Camps, attract media attention, and showcase the Chambers of Commerce as the creative engine for local businesses.

Audiences are sending us rave reviews, testimonials and amazing case studies about the positive affects of my Boot Camps. Entrepreneurs are launching new ideas, improving their personal lives, and collaborating and growing their network as a result.

In response to local businesses wanting more exposure, we have even developed unique sponsorship opportunities that will allow me to infuse their brand into my actual presentation. As a result, we will be able to donate a portion of the sponsorship back to your community to a charity of your choice.

These Boot Camps go far beyond a business presentation. They are designed to creatively inspire your community to take action; to create their desired personal and business life. I will continue to broadcast my message and my unique ability to your audiences. Within my Boot Camps, I inject creative energy into the audience by being an active participant. I provide them with the tools and the inspiration to help them stand out and get creative. We are all uncertain as to the outcomes of this changing global economy, and what I can do is summon my creative abilities to inspire your audiences to take action, collaborate with others, get more creative with their business strategies, and re-examine their business approach. As many of you know, I have creatively transformed myself from the field of Architecture, to marketing, software, presentation and branding. Now as a registered speaker with the number one speakers bureau, The National Speakers Bureau, I speak to 1,000’s of people every week either as an inspirational key-note speaker or to businesses that require a fresh injection of creative energy.

I personally look forward to meeting with each and every one of you following the event, along with the media, in order to extend the significance of these events within your community. Megan is standing by and I encourage you to contact her at (905) 528-6032 to secure your dates for 2009. Many past attendees are requesting ½ day and full day events and a repeat performance.

Enough said, it’s time for me to go back to work. Inspire others to inspire others. When you can tap into your life’s purpose, it’s a magical feeling.