Why Time

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Line 150

For the past 4 weeks that phrase "Line 150" has been ringing in my ears. It invokes a deep sense of noise.  I've come to appreciate the definition of "noise" as being unwanted sound.

Not too long ago my life partner Angela and I made a conscious choice to simplify all aspects of our lives.  

I'm not referring to simply decluttering your home with a garage sale. I'm talking about developing the capacity to savour less. 

Less pursuits. 
Less distraction. 
Less debt. 
Less accumulation.  
Less.... But a better life! 

Here's the thing about "less." Institutions don't like that word. See for years Angela and I were like most unconscious people chasing the mighty dollar and a 6 figure income to support the not so less mortgage.  

Well what we've come to appreciate over the last several years is that way of being doesn't serve our higher selves nor does it lead to greater fulfillment.  

So we choose to take less. Pay less tax and live large. Recently we sold our home and decided to downsize to a lovely 950 square foot condo by the water.  

Less mortgage. 
Less utilities.  
Less maintenance.  
Less... But better. 

Our intention is a smaller mortgage and more cash to experience the things we love. Travel, writing and inspiring others.  Ultimately, no mortgage. 

As we approached various "institutions" to assist us with our "Less but More" plan we've been treated more like a number than a human being.  

Instead of these "institutions" actually having a conversation with us they only care about one thing: "Line 150." That's the income you reported in your tax return statement. 

It's funny in this connection age that we simply choose not to connect. 

Even after numerous attempts at sharing our blissful and wondrous transition to a life of simplicity the person on the other side of the key board only cares about one thing..."Line 150." 

I've come to appreciate the control of this system we've all help to create. It's not serving our higher purpose. 

We are human beings that have been given the gift of possibility through contribution. 

When we choose to evaluate a fellow human being based solely on income we fail in our pursuit to elevate the human race.  

We are more that "Line 150."  We are beings of light and pure potential. We have not been given this gift of life to simply pay the bills and accumulate a world of debt. 

We are here to reach out and help one another answer the only fucking question that truly matters...WHY am I here?

I think it's time to replace "Line 150."