Why Time

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's not WHAT you do it's WHY you do it!

We live in a world where WHY is  becoming even more relevant and more essential to our thrival. It's far too easy to get lost in the doing, the how, the where without taking the time to contemplate WHY. Asking WHY connects us as a race. We are the only species that possesses the ability to question our existence.  Acting through WHY brings us peace, stillness and balance. Once we all recognize that we are not defined by doing and we are born as human beings we will be able to push the human race to a new level of self-awareness. We have been conditioned over the past 100 years to follow, and keep our heads down. This control is all around us in the form of millions of ads, commercials and promises by our bosses. We now live in a new connection age that challenges the status quo and our ability as a race to connect at new levels. Equally, this age has the ability to disconnect us if we don't strive to reconnect to what matters most. 

Leaders now have the responsibility and priviledge of inspiring their teams to ignite, launch and live their-driving WHY in all areas of their organization. As a leader, you can create a new path that rewards self-awareness. To become relevant in this new connection age one has to go beyond the act of doing and perform every action by first starting with WHY.  Action is certainly necessary but inspired action that is fuelled by your passion and purpose will create more meaningful outcomes.  

Use the power of WHY as your new compass guiding you daily in all areas of your life. Let it become your instrument for taking charge of your life. Become a maestro and conduct the most significant symphony of your brilliant but brief existence. 

You are no longer driven by what you do. You can cut through all the noise by defining WHY and let a more powerful HOW come to the surface. The cream always rises to the top and the great ones that live through WHY can never be held back. They defy gravity to define their lives.