Why Time

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What is REAL?

I love this question. I've contemplated it ever since I was 6-years old. What is REAL and what is illusion?

The intention of this morning's #Why Time is to help you take stock of your life. See your life as a blank white canvass. Now think about your life and everything in it. The relationships. Where you live. Your possessions. The cars you drive. The money you earn. Your job...all of it.

Every conscious and unconscious thought throughout your journey influenced your choices. Whether you were aware of it or not, you filled the canvass of your life.

The question is: Is it the canvass your heart truly desired to create? Do you often feel as if you are living someone else's life?  Do you wonder how it filled up so quickly?

What if the REAL canvass, the true work of art is still inside of you waiting for your belief and brushstrokes. 

It's easy to believe that all this "physical stuff" around us is real. Since you can't take it with you, it does not define you, it never did.  Most of our lives are just the result of unconscious choices. We've unconsciously created a world that doesn't portray the "true picture" of the life we desire to live.

That creation is still buried deep within you, sealed within the container of your mind. 

Like most people, you might think you don't have a choice. You think too much time has passed you by. Then again what is time, really? 

You may stop yourself for not knowing the "how" your desired life will transpire. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, decide what you want most, take powerful action and create it. 

Pick up the brush, crack open the unused can, dip in and start creating the unREALized masterpiece that is your life.