Why Time

Friday, January 23, 2015

Develop yourself

Look at your life right now in all of it's form. Your health, your lifestyle, the people you surround yourself with, your finances, your team and your perception of the world. What would you want to change, strengthen and improve? Most of the answers that surface are external such as: I want my spouse to change - I want my team to see the opportunity, I want more money, a bigger house and people to see me as someone of significance. All of these responses are the results of YOU mastering your life. When your inside voice becomes more profound than anything or anyone external - you will be on the path to mastering yourself. 

See every discomfort within your life as a beautiful opportunity to add to the energy of our world. Once you understand that we are ALL connected - everything changes. You no longer see yourself as an isolated individual disconnected but rather as a complete entity with the abity to impact all those around you. Ask yourself today - "What do I need to embrace and release so I can develop myself knowing that I will develop others around me?"