Why Time

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Reflection on 2008

The year 2009 looks bright! For the past 10-12 months, my goal was to evolve and strengthen all areas of my personal and business life. With the law of attraction and the power of creativity, I have successfully manifested the following areas of my life and my goals as set out at the start of 2008:

  • The attraction of 2 new exciting business partners, Vittoria Wikston of White Oaks Resort and Spa, and Wendy Murdock of Hurstplace
  • Evolve Redchair Branding beyond just a marketing company into an exciting Creative Think Tank that inspires and motivates individuals and corporations.
  • The launch of my new book, GET CREATIVE with a goal of becoming a best seller.
  • Launch of IGNITE Idea Centre and coaching of 50 individuals.
  • Winning an international design award.
  • Speaking side by side with two world-class speakers, Jack Canfield and Mike Lipkin.
  • Launch of a TV pilot and partnering with a TV producer.
  • I lost 20lbs and feel and look great.
  • A stronger and healthier relationship with my family; my former wife Jean and my two beautiful girls Sophie and Emma and my new partner Emily.
  • Became a registered speaker with The National Speakers Bureau and spoke at 10 events with 40 planned for 2009.
  • Travelling 6 months of the year.
  • Purchase of a new home and office.
  • Collaborating with exciting people and partners to take our vision of Creatively Inspiring 1 million people to life.
  • Putting in place an exciting new vision together with my new partners for 2009.

I am very grateful for the success, the vision, the friends, the clients, family and support people in my life. All of my success stems from never giving up on my vision, for believing in me, conditioning my mind to attract what matters most, surrounding myself with ONLY positive people in my life and removing any and all negative energy/people from my life.

I am focused on reaching my goal to creatively inspire 1 million people, speaking a min. of 40 days per year.

I wish you all the best and look forward to being a part of your dreams.