Why Time

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nothing happens until you decide WHAT

The first insight that I share in my latest book: 'I don't know what the HELL I'm doing' is deciding WHAT you want.  Sounds easy enough right? When I raise  this question during WHY time sessions, most struggle to find the answer.  I'm not referring to the shopping list of material items: a bigger house, longer vacations, a new car...I'm referring to how you want to live your days. What will fulfill you?  What kind of legacy do you desire to create? What do you want to feel lying on your death bed?  

The end is inevitable and for some of us that may not be too far off so start to contemplate this question: Did my life matter? Did it have meaning? Was it consumed with regret or overflowing with passion and purpose? With a new season upon us, you have the opportunity to guide your sail in a new direction so what course will you set? Here's the thing - Seasons change and so can you.  

Most people will resist living this question ~ What do I really want as a result of their lives being on auto pilot. They are to busy staying busy meeting the demands of the  over consumed life they have created.  The wheel just keeps turning faster and faster and the pressure to keep up is overwhelming.  Your neighbors will tell you it's far easier to remain within this matrix then leap off. 

It takes a defying gravity kind of attitude to step out of the comfort zone and create a new way of seeing the world. That's the greatest thing about being human - you get to choose how you want to be.  This is your time NOW to decide what you truly want most so you can then take action and live it.