Why Time

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Quit or Stick?

Think about the amount of energy you've poured into your career or perhaps your relationship.  

Is it where you longed to be?  Are you experiencing the love you desire?  Has the climb brought you to the summit or are you hanging off the edge?   

When is it enough?  What will help you grasp a better vantage point to observing your life?  

Here's the thing.  You're probably clinging on for fear of missing out on the illusory pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  

You're not alone so give yourself a break. You've mastered the art of pleasing everyone else.  You've drawn inside the lines and followed the rules! 

But let's be honest, how's that working for ya?   What are you waiting for more time?  Wake up cause soon the iPhone that's attached to you like an appendage is going to need charging. Let's just hope it's not from a defibrillator! 

Why am I even sharing this? Because the world needs your dream and if you think like me then you know we're all connected.   

What I've come to know for certain is there are times when you need to stick and then are times you need to quit.   

That's the great thing about being alive you get to choose what brings you sheer joy and also what sucks the life force right out of you.   

Quit or Stick?