Why Time

Thursday, June 22, 2017

What if?

What if? 

It was a Saturday, the kind of day that you felt as if sun existed solely for you.  

As I marvelled at the light glistening on the side of my love's face I smiled at the wondrous beauty of my life.  

I lovingly watched her glide along the aisles as if she was God's response to my quest for love.  

It got me thinking about the life I chose to leap into. 

Years ago I seeded a thought that started with two delicious words: What if?

That's the power behind seeds. In your hands you possess the ultimate growth. I chose to plant my seeds of love and nurtured them with inspiration, action and belief. 

Shortly after, the universe brought me an unassuming angel. He was wise, old and persistent. He passionately guided me to a haven near the water and encouraged me to take action and connect with the owner. 

Little did I know that these seeds of love would connect years later and spawn the deepest connection to my life. That's the love story of my greatest angel that I call my love, Angela Kontgen. 

What if you believed you were deserving of a deeper love?  

What if you took action today with no expectation and an open heart?  

What if you responded solely to the whispers from your higher self. Those are called: Inspired Actions.  

What if that one step today would change everything tomorrow?