Why Time

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm good enough!

Let's get real for a second. The world doesn't make it easy for you to feel as if you've done enough.  

We've created a goal-oriented society that places 'doing' high above 'being.'    

Since the age of six, we are defined by our grades; performance; achievements; rank, relationship status and appendage size.  

Seriously is this conditioning really serving our higher selves?  Are we truly a happier race as a result? Are we swimming in an ocean of deeper fulfillment?   

I don't know about you but I find myself navigating a sea of 'not measuring up.'   I find this energy weaving its way into the very fabric of my life.   

At 3:11AM I feel my mind stirring to an unsettled reality and that's when the BIG QUESTIONS enter my cortex: Am I a good enough parent, life partner, writer and publisher?  Have I done enough to serve others?  

When will it feel like its enough?  When we are buried six feet under below the frost line?   When our spirits finally abandon the physical existence of our limitless universe?

What I have come to appreciate in my 47 year journey is that I choose to exist with the energy of 'being enough.'  

I couldn't imagine a more perfect way of being.  Like you, l am a beam of light travelling across a vast and unbridled universe of possibility.   

I am enough! Say it 5 times fast and let this energy carry your soul across a sea of hope and love.   For this is my greatest intention: a world inspired when we all reach out and inspire one another.  

I see you in all of your glory and you are more than enough.