Why Time

Monday, June 20, 2016

Who are you in this moment?

TGIM: Thank God I'm this Moment. 
It's a powerful question and statement all wrapped into one.  Who are you in this moment?  When you come to realize the power you have in this one moment, anything is possible.  

I recently published a book featuring the most extraordinary athletes from all walks of life. It was called 'Push beyond the Pain'.  You can check it out at www.defyeneurs.com/season5
I love capturing stories and insights from
everyday people doing extraordinary things.  A powerful realization that we often overlook is the 'moment.'  

We invest so much time in the past and worry about a future that hasn't arrived!  All we have truly is this moment.  Athletes train for years preparing for that one moment and when it arrives they put everything else aside and [focus] only on becoming that moment.  

As an inspirational speaker I feel the same kind of energy.  I'm training for the moment every moment!  Whether I'm writing a BLOG like this one, a chapter in one of my new books, a live interview in my magazine or preparing for the BIG EVENT, I'm continually being that moment.  

This world of 'multi-tasking' isn't serving your higher purpose.  When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed it's your warning signal that you're taking on to much in that one moment.  Human beings are not computers! We weren't meant to multi-task. 

If you could focus all of your energy to the ONE THING knowing that if you flowed all of your passion and purpose into it with a greater sense of intention - what would could you BEcome in that moment? Imagine the possibilities.