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Friday, November 12, 2010

Release of The Innovation Gap

I set out at the start of 2010 to publish my fourth book, The Innovation Gap. I am pleased to announce that this new book is complete and is available for purchase from my website or by emailing me at gerry@redchairbranding.com

The Innovation Gap is a creative message to anyone wanting to get more out of life and business. It is designed to help you thrive no matter what your position is or what stage of life you are at. The Innovation Gap digs deep into my 10 Creative Laws....For Example: 1. Uncover your Unique Ability 2.Recondition your mind...5.Build the Brand Experience....10.Live life with Passion. The Innovation Gap is also a celebration of my creative journey focused on igniting people and ideas to action. Using creativity to differentiate yourself from the competition. Cultivating an innovative culture that breeds creative collaboration at multiple levels where people work together for a common purpose. Having reached over 100,000 people as a speaker, author, coach and creative consultant, my journey has just begun.
For the past 12 months, I have immersed myself in a variety of contexts designed to induce a level of discomfort as a means for growth. I have challenged myself to achieve new levels of greatness while helping others stretch into their greatness.
I have conditioned my mind and my body, formed a series of new success habits that continue to help me thrive in a all areas of my life. The people and relationships that I have formed in this past year have been rewarding and have contributed to my personal and professional growth. I continue to be thankful for all of the success I have achieved and continue to achieve. I look forward to a successful 2011 filled with extensive travel, inspirational key notes, book signings and highly creative projects. I look forward to all that life continues to bring me.

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