Why Time

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Create a life app

I delivered an inspiring key note recently and asked the audience to design an app for their life. What would your app do? What features would it include? How would it streamline your life? We spend so much time adding things to our lives and saying yes to thousands of distractions. We invest more time doing things we really don't like to do and hardly anytime living our passions?  

If your app could only include 4 features what would they be? That's what I love most about this app right here - It cuts through the chase and helps me perform the only 2 functions that I really need: POST + VIEW my blog. What are you seeking and design your life around just that.  

My life App would be: LOVE + LIVE + create + INSPIRE. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Everyday is a re-dedication

Your dream doesn't stop the moment you receive your first rejection. Your dream reaches new levels everyday when you commit your relentless belief towards it. Everyday is an opportunity for you to re-dedicate yourself to being better than yesterday. Your daily pursuit and fixation on your dream is an intention that you are here to make a mark. Your dream is not dependent on others and their perception of you. 

Failures will occur we call that opportunity.  Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, publisher, architect or musician, your passion and purpose courses through your veins and gathers tremendous momentum if you commit to it daily.  It doesn't stop ever, it's daily and it's alive just like you. Every day is a step forward, every blog is a beautiful contribution of your verse in this world. 

Today - Re-dedicate yourself. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's time to do it

Imagine your life 24 months from now. Where will you be, how much money will you have attracted to you. Who will you have become? What kind of relationships will you have. Think about your life 24 months ago. The thoughts, actions, belief in yourself and the goals you set and pursued got you to this place, today. You are the sum off all of that energy. 

Most people continue to go through life really not knowing what they want. They avoid setting the goals altogether. They allow life to happen for them. They allow a few no's to stop them in their tracks. They loose because they allow themselves to be defeated. When you don't know where you're going then you can't attract the people that want to be a part of your journey. You won't become aware of the signs and the doors of opportunity will open and close. 

You can change all that now. You can map out what you want to create and experience. You were born with a mind that can set and acheive any goal you believe in. You can commit to sharing your dreams with 2 people per day regardless of what they say. You can do it afraid just as much as you can do it with love. It's time to do it. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Be the Fire

Today I choose to ignite my passion and my pupose with even greater intensity. Today I choose to take 100% responsibility for the outcomes I wish to create. Today I choose to lead others by first leading myself. Today I choose to [FOCUS] only on what matters and what I can control in this moment. I will not be swayed by other peoples opinions of me or my purpose for I have mastered my life by listening ONLY to what is in my heart. 

When you become the fire you ignite everything around you. When you commit daily towards seeing and feeling what you desire to manifest the world becomes your canvas. When you live each day with greater intention, the winds carry your call and you attract ONLY what you are seeking. 

Let's light this candle. Burn baby burn.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Become a Mirror

Everything you are attracting into your life is a mirror reflection of your CURRENT self. The key to unlocking the life that you desire is to become what you are seeking. To change yourself you have to be willing to take a deep look at yourself and say: What do I need to embrace? What do I need to release? Who do I want to become? Start to surround yourself with the people that you admire and you will become the very thing you are seeking. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Know when to STICK

To get where you want to be you need to know where and more importantly WHY you need to be there. To reach new levels of personal mastery you need to know what to stick with and what to let go of. Success is about saying NO to way more things in your life and YES to only a few simple activities mastered and perfected each day. Every minute that you allow yourself to become distracted from your TRUE purpose and intention is a minute that you will never regain. Add up all these distractions in a day and see where they have brought you to in the past 5 years. Are you truly where you want to be? 

It takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. Ask any athlete - performer - author - speaker or successful entrepreneur and they will tell you the secret to success is putting in the time by saying no to the energy that is keeping you away from the only thing that matters - mastering this moment. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


If you were to approach the largest tree everyday and take just 5 swings with an axe eventually over time the tree would fall down.  If you were to write 2 pages everyday eventually you will have written your first book. If you saved $5 everyday for 10 years you would have amassed a small fortune. Some of the greatest things ever created in history were the results of just a few actions applied consistently and persistently over time. When accumulated the results are incredible. The key is to get laser focused on what you wish to create. See and feel it clearly in your mind, declare your intention with the world, then take 2 steps a day towards creating it. It's not about the quantity it's the quality of your focus that matters most. 

It's knowing that what you are creating has already been created and you're just catching up to your vision through your daily pursuits. This is why most people fail, quit and just give up on their dreams. They want the quantum leap to the end and they miss out on the power of daily action. They haven't cultivated the patience and they aren't willing to put in the time, the necessary small steps each day, inch by inch moving themselves closer to their goals. Slow and Steady always wins the race. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Master your daily life

The key to changing your life someday is to master your life today. So many people I meet think they will eventually step into creating their life somewhere in the future. They think they have all the time in the world. Your future depends on what you do today. This applies to ALL areas of your life - relationships - finances - rank and promotions. As an author I can't sit down in one day and suddenly churn out a best-seller, I need to create the space to research, gather, write and edit every day. Everything you say and do influences what your future will be. 

Waiting for your someday to arrive is like waiting at an airport terminal without a plane ticket. People often wait for the experience to arrive without clearly plugging in their destination. They haven't bought a ticket and they don't really know what the future holds for them so they stay in a never-ending waiting game hoping that there someday will arrive. 

You are the master creator of your one life and you hold all the keys. You are the only one that can commit to change and taking daily action to be that change. When you commit to the daily pursuit of excellence you are leading by example. Start mastering your day as if everything depends on it and you know what it does. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Communicate Masterfully

Law no.9 to drive your WHY - Communicate Masterfully. I delivered two inspiring talks this past week all focused on posture and engagement. Today more than ever people want to connect with hearts. They want to feel connected to something BIGGER and know that their contribution means something. People want to be led by leaders that clearly understand WHY. Think about the brands that you admire and WHY. I'm a big fan of Apple and Starbucks - I feel connected to their core values. I feel they understand me and always work toward creating an experience that connects with my heart. I feel their leadership and I am inspired to be a brand ambassador. 

Communicate Masterfully means getting more REAL with your WHY. Remember, people don't but WHAT or HOW you do it but WHY you do it. Open up and strive to engage people by connecting with their heart - it's called being human.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shine a light on others

We don't just create inspired publications because they look good. We inspire everyday people through our publications to create extraordinary things. As members of the human race we have been given a gift to inspire others - to lift their spirit up so they can push us all forward. It's why we are all here. It's what we are all meant to be and do...and everyday people are filled with passion and purpose and when we believe in one another we are being human. 

While other publications focus on shareholders, revenues and advertising we choose to ignite something bigger in all of us: Passion, Beauty, Belief and Love. WHY, because the World is Helped by You when you understand WHY you are here. Our journey on this earth is to contribute our special gifts. By you Defining Yourself you are inspiring us all to aim high and fly. 

By you Defining Yourself you are shining a light on us all. How will you Define Yourself?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Don't just survive - THRIVE

Every thought in your mind is a creation. Everytime you doubt and question yourself you are simply attracting more of it. You can start to shift your mind by focusing only on what you wish to create and experience in your life. Not to long ago - you felt that anything was possible and attainable. You never held back from singing your song, dancing your dance and defying gravity by elevating yourself from the current reality. 

But somewhere along the way you changed. You let soceity and external influences get in your way and point a finger at you telling you you're not meant for more. Let me tell you this, life is going to do whatever it can to hold you down and keep you in survival mode. But here is the thing - you and me are meant for so much more. We are meant to lock arms and change lives and contribute to the energy of the world. Your very existence is proof of the wondrous miracle of this universe. You came into this world as a being of pure potential with the power to shape and architect your life. You are not meant to survive you are meant to inspire us all with your relentless belief in your ability. Today and from this point, you can define yourself by choosing to thrive. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Live for more

What is in your heart this very moment? Close your eyes and transport yourself back to when you were a child - you had a dream for your life. You saw the world through a lens of unlimited possibility. You saw that the world was only good and you could wish upon a star and create anything - be anything - you knew at a cellular level that you were a creator of this universe. You have been placed here in this time with a blank canvass and a handful of brushes to create your masterpiece. 

It's time to live for more. It's time to become a dreamer again and listen to the only thing that matters - your heart. It's time to throw away the fear and doubt because they have done nothing for you. It's time to no longer be influenced by the so called friends who are trying to 'save you.' Smile and wish them well and move on to creating and living the life and the love you crave in your heart, let them steal someone's dream because you are to busy getting  busy living for more. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here's to you

Here's to you for giving yourself permission to dream again. Here's to you for not waiting. You finally get it! You're ready to leap into life each day and take action. You're at this point in time holding this energy in your hands. You're among the few that the world calls dreamers and the world needs big dreamers right now more than ever.  It takes a defying gravity kind of attitude to dream again because most of the world wants to hold you down. But we see you and we know that you are defying gravity to live your one precious life. We know the effort it takes for you to push through and beyond the ones that want to hold you down from dreaming again. 

You are now aware that life is brilliant and brief so step in, take chances, look foolish and even fail a few times along the way. That's what it takes to be a dreamer. You no longer need others to get it and you won't let others steal your dreams. Just keep taking action and make it happen. It's ok to fall and fail as long as you keep lov'n the whole ride.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Listen to your heart

What is in your heart this very moment? Is it filled with love - intention and desire? That is what you need to push through the nay sayers who sadly want to hold you back for fear that you will leave them behind. All you can do is stay true to what you desire and live with an unbridled faith that you will succeed and cross the finish line. It's easy to get influenced by others - it's all around us, people, guidance counsellors and soceity telling us what we can and can't do. What schools to attend, what aptitude tests to take, who to marry, how much of a mortgage we need and what kind of a job to get so we can pay for all the crap we don't need. 

The great ones like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford believed in something greater than their current reality, they believed in the impossible and more importantly in themselves. If they listened to others then we would still be riding horses and using rotary telephones. The great ones are everyday people that believe they are great and meant to be and do more with the little time they have here on this earth. They know that listening to others only holds them down from releasing the breaks and pushing us all forward.  

This is your time, you've spent enough time listening to others so start listening and following your heart. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

See it to receive it

I can't talk about this subject enough - the power to see and feel what you want in order to bring it to the surface. Everything that has ever been created started with a seed of an idea that was planted in the back of someone's mind. That idea grew in size and eventually came to the forefront by fixating on bringing it into existence on a daily basis. Only through sheer persistence, action and belief can you bring what you desire into form. 

The key is to get clear on what you want to create in all areas of your life. Surround yourself with visuals that reinforces the emotional feeling of having what you desire. Start and end each day believing, seeing and feeling that you have brought what you desire into your hands. Don't let any thought of doubt enter your mind. Know that every daily action you take is contributing to the energy of your idea. See every action as a foot step getting you that much closer to your end goal.