Why Time

Friday, December 26, 2014

Ask Yourself

Far to often we avoid asking ourselves the meaningful questions that when lived would take us to whole new levels. Ask yourself: How do you want to live? This morning I woke up at 5:00am reflecting on the incredible life that we celebrated yesterday on Christmas day. I loved spending the whole day with my love - turning the world off temporarily and just being with one another: cooking, reading, kissing and drinking wine with really great movies. This morning I'm full of excitement and possibility for leading and creating my one precious life. I ask myself: How do I want to live my days in 2015? Who do I want to spend my time with? What countries do I want to experience? It's far to easy to simply do the same things over and over expecting new results. It's far to simple to let your thoughts run away and create your day for you. It's far to easy to quit and surrender to what soceity would have you do. It's far to easy to remain in your comfort zone avoiding stepping into and uncovering your untapped potential. 

Ask yourself: What and who do I want to be recognized for NOW?  What do I want to experience in the next 5 years knowing that I need to initiate the changes in my life today. Ask yourself: What do I want to be remembered for? What mark do I want to make on this world? What kind of love do I want to receive? 

As we prepare for the new year by completing the old - I ask myself did I step into new areas of discomfort? Did I love without limits? Did I make a difference in other peoples lives by contributing my special gifts to the world? What do you need to ask yourself?