Why Time

Friday, May 2, 2014

Let it go...

I believe that today you will shift into the most extraordinary chapter of your life.  Over the past few years you may have had glimpses of who you truly want to be.  You visualized your success and perhaps even took action.  By just becoming aware, you are already on your path to greatness.  Inside you is a burning desire to make a deeper impact on the human race. What if we all existed to live this way? You were born to lead others and make a difference in this world, its your birthright.  You have been sent the greatest teachers who showed up exactly the way you needed them to be.  The discomfort that you have experienced to this point came not randomly but as part of a beautifully orchestrated symphony of action.  It had to happen this way to shift you into the person that you need to be. 

Today, you'll let it all go, you'll release what no longer serves you. You will burn away all doubts, fears, anxiety, regret, pain and anger.  Today, you'll embrace the wondrous magnificence that has been coursing through your veins ever since you entered this world and took your first breath.  You were not born to be a spectator in your brilliant life. You are more than that, you know this deep inside you.  The past 100 years of conditioning from society would have you suppress your greatness.  This is a new age for the human race. The connection age, where it's no longer acceptable to sit back and wait for permission to master your life.  This is your time to choose how you want to be. You still have time but the window is closing fast and soon you won't have that choice, someone else will make it for you.  You played the game, followed the rules and put your own hopes and dreams on hold.  You have experienced loss, felt pain and yet you're still here with the ability to make a choice.  You are becoming aware of living life on your terms, with greater passion and purpose and creating meaningful outcomes.

You are aware of a deeper reason for being - this is your soul tapping into your deeper WHY, which I define as the World Helped by You.  When you live through passion and purpose and do the things that bring you joy and you are being of service to others, you are pushing the human race forward.  You are defining who and WHY you are and this powerful intention elevates everyone around you to do the same.  No matter where you are in this moment, its time to release what no longer serves you.  It is time to make room for the new but you have to get intentional and on fire for it.  You have to live each moment knowing that it could be your last.  You have nothing to loose and so much to win. Pain is temporary, eventually it will subside and something else will take its place.  Today, you can choose to fill yourself up with belief, action, love and a willingness to release the fear.  Create your life by becoming what you seek and by living on purpose.  You have been given an extraordinary gift of passion.  It is not a word, it is your very being, it drives leadership, it inspires millions and it has the power to connect your purpose to others.