Why Time

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Change someone's life

Help enough people get what they want and you will live an abundant life. You may be feeling overwhelmed these days and just doing your best to get by. Consider temporarily putting your own fears aside and pouring yourself into others. The more you strive to lift others up the more you will receive and become the very thing that you are seeking. This is what we are all meant to be - an inspirational gift to others, we are all connected even though you don't physically see it. Push through your discomfort by seeing the love and inspiration in the smallest daily details. Crack open the box for others that feel hopeless, help them see the light and the beauty of everything around them. 

Inspiration is everywhere if you open up your heart. Think positively and know that your temporary discomfort is your greatest catalyst for growth. We are all meant to face challenge as a way to push the human race forward. Your willingness and desire to contribute your unique gifts to the world will take you to whole new levels. Reach Out and Inspire others - it's a new ROI for the world.