Why Time

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Living with passion and purpose

The second principle in my 6 creative rituals that push the human race forward is living with passion and purpose. So many people were raised with the notion that you cannot make a living following your passion. Others continue to tredge through life feeling that they don't have a purpose. They feel that these two concepts are reserved for the artists and the spiritual enlightened ones. 

Regardless of where you currently are or what you are feeling, all of us can tap into our passion. We all have the innate ability to feel and experience tremendous emotion. We can experience joy and excitement. The key is to become aware of these emotions in the moment so you can spend more time being in this state and doing more of what you love. When you are filled with passion, you're on fire for your life. People around you are attracted to your energy. Living with passion leads to a more purposeful life. 

Purpose like happiness is what we all seek. Many people feel that they don't have a purpose and they don't know how to define one. Passion feeds your soul and starts to define more clarity around your purpose. Your purpose is defined as how you are being of service to others. It is lived through your unique and special gifts that you decide to share with the world. 

Collectively your passion and purpose fuels a very powerful outcome. If you don't like the outcomes in your life I encourage you to explore living life with greater passion and purpose. Your outcome becomes the ultimate contribution to the world which I define as the World Helped by You. This is your driving WHY, or reason for existence. You're WHY goes beyond 'reasons and goals' it's far more powerful than that,  it's your compass, your light and your way towards living a life of sheer bliss and fulfillment. 

Another way to define your passion and purpose is to start with the outcomes, the experiences that you want others to feel from interacting with you. What do you want others to feel? What impact do you want to have on them? 

Life is meant to be lived with great passion and purpose. It is what makes us human and alive. It fuels our choices and influences our actions and behaviours. Dig in and continue to do the work on yourself, your life is the ultimate journey.