Why Time

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Heat up your WHY

I recently received an email from a woman expressing great interest in defining her WHY. She shared with me her longing to uncover her greatness and how she held herself back from approaching me several months ago when she first learned of my inspirational work. She has been feeling a deep, burning desire to make a difference in herself and in the world and she stated how she is now ready to step into her life.

I often receive these kinds of emails. She humbly requested that I consider taking her on as a WHY client as she felt she was now ready. I love it when an individual takes action on creating their life. I immediately responded with 3 BIG questions and an opportunity that would allow her to leap into the next chapter of her life. Two things typically happen within this scenario: 

1. A client that is truly ready, embraces the opportunity with great enthusiasm and moves quickly to the next stage. 

2. Fear sets in and the client becomes apprehensive and returns to her current mindset of holding herself back. They then justify it with a three-page email explaining the reasons why they hold themselves back which completely contradicts their initial email request of wanting to step into their lives. 

The most challenging stage of creating ones life is in becoming aware of change and taking action and pushing through the discomfort and fear of uncertainty. 

More and more I see that it is not the darkness that we all fear but stepping into the light and shining it on ourselves for the world to see. There's never been a greater time than now, in this present moment, to define what it is that you have a desire to step into. You have already mastered the art of comfort and holding yourself back allowing the light to shine on others. Now is the time to try something new that you didn't already do. Now is the time to embrace the discomfort as a catalyst for your greatest growth. Harness your inner strength and grab a hold of your life as if it was your last breath. 

If we all approached the creation of our lives as a matter of life and death we would all sore to new heights and reveal our true potential. This is your time to heat up your life. Bring it to a boiling point so you can generate the steam required to power the momentum needed to become what you seek.  All it takes is a willingness and a desire from you to make a difference in other people's lives. Put aside the fear by pouring yourself into creation. This is the domain, the space where your greatest opportunity lives. Become on fire for your one precious life.