Why Time

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Who do you listen to?

In this noisy world it is often challenging to 'tune' out the unwanted sounds. You know what that sounds like, right? Everyone you meet is bellowing at you to stop what you are doing and lean your ladder along their wall.

How do yo know what wall is worthy of your climb?

Even this BLOG can be viewed as noise (hopefully not). But I do understand your choice to simply glaze over the witty chatter. My promise to you is I am not asking you to climb any of my walls. I simply exist to help you answer the only question that matters Why do I exist?  

I believe that if you truly ignite the answer to this thought-provoking question you will create your own wall.  That is my greatest wish for you. To illuminate your own way.

Everything you need is inside you waiting to be unleashed. The key is to listen with a different part of your self. The more clear you are on WHY you are here the less distracted you will be.

Igniting your deeper WHY creates new levels of clarity for who you desire to be - not what you want to 'do.' This is where most people trip themselves up. They think 'doing' is where their energy needs to flow.

Doing is essential only when it's fueled by inspired actions. It's about doing the right things...right!

The key is to listen to the things that you can't see. Your heart, soul and inner light. Once you believe that all this 'physical matter' that surrounds you cannot tell you anything about the 'real you' then you will crack open a new path that is truly worthy of the climb.

I don't know how much time you have left. What I do know is that it's brilliant and brief so let's work together on this and make the next few steps a wondrous journey.

Listen to you it's the only sound that truly matters.