Why Time

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 5: Get inspired by other dreamers

What and who inspires you to dream again? Look around in your universe, who do you admire and why? How are they dreaming everyday? What actions are they taking? What are the hundreds of things they say no to everyday in order to say yes to the few that matter? Who do they surround themselves with. I'm pretty sure it's with people that want to lift them up. 

You probably don't have to look that far to discover greatness is all around you ready to tap into. Make a list of the dreamers you admire and read their story. Good artists copy but great artists steal so get inspired and model their actions. Become a master modeller of others. Set a goal to transform yourself little by little but commit to it everyday - that's the key. The dreamers of the world never stop pursuing what matters most to them.