Why Time

Friday, January 16, 2015

Get to the show

Getting to the show means becoming a participator in your life - not missing the big opportunities that show up exactly when they are meant to. It means becoming aware and acting on what you have asked the universe for - assuming you are making conscious choices for what you want to experience in life. Getting to the show is about creating a sense of urgency NOW, this minute and tonight for your ONE precious life. It doesn't mean someday, since your someday may never appear if you don't get to the show today. 

The great ones like Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney and Gandalf the Grey never missed the show. They believed in their dreams even when others around them wanted to hold them back from casting a light on their greatness. Staying comfortable now means discomfort later. 
Getting yourself to the show means getting REEL on what matters most in life and saying no to the comforts of doing the same thing over and over again hoping that you will be invited to the 'show' someday.