Why Time

Friday, July 4, 2014

The fabric of life.

The universe is starting to become more aware of itself. Inside each one of us lives a deeper meaning and purpose wanting to break free. We all want to make a difference in people's lives. We all want to contribute our unique gifts to the world. We all want to be of service to others around us. All of us have a desire to be seen and heard for the people we are. 

We all want to wake up every morning leaping out of bed to create our lives. We all want to experience greater joy, fulfillment, peace and happiness. We all want to feel alive and we are all seeking greater layers of love. 

We all want to embrace our potential, face our fears and create a meaningful legacy. When we recognize that we want to leave this world knowing that we made a difference we can then start living. 
We all want to live with greater passion and have it course through our veins and fuel everything we do every day. We all want to be embraced and kissed as if it was the last day of our lives. All of us were meant to savour our lives. 

We all want to feel more alive and find peace in the moment. We all want to hit the pause button, look around and breathe in our glorious existence. We all want to contribute our unique and special gifts to the world. 

Since the time of our birth, we were meant for more, to live with limitless passion and purpose. Each of us were born as creators of our lives. We were not meant to sit on the sidelines and wait in the shadows. We are filled with a great light that connects us all. When we see, feel and believe in each one of us, collectively we will elevate the human race. No one is alone, no one is better or worse than anyone. We are not separated by our physical and geographical surroundings. We are all connected. We all weave ourselves into the very fabric of life. We contribute to one another's growth by consciously making a difference in other peoples lives. 

We are all part of this brilliant world, meant to thrive and reach a new summit of existence.