Why Time

Monday, April 18, 2011


I noticed lately people referring to me as the NAKED speaker. Perhaps as a result of my passion for cooking and fascination with Jamie Oliver. Many people are fascinated as to how I started out in the field of Architecture to end up living a life inspiring people world-wide. Anyone who has been in my kitchen knows my passion for Italian simple cooking. I love it - and the tastes of my creations are outstanding. My creative journey certainly started in the field of architecture - as an amazing grounding to my creative abilities. As a child I have always had a creative soul. I would find myself always drawing or inventing things. I started out with a career in architecture. I graduated from one of the toughest programs in Canada - The RAIC Syllabus. A very long way to becoming an architect. That creative journey certainly formed the foundation of my entrepreneurial career. After being in the architectural field for numerous years I decided to leave and create my own agency. I wanted to do more with my presentation and creativity I just did not know what that was. One of the principles that I coach now is to Follow your passions and eventually the path will become clear. In 1999 I started my first agency - Network ISG - we were quickly regarded as marketing and presentation experts. Working closely with many companies helping them stand out in competitive situations and win. My first book was called What Have You Got To Win? and formed the basis for my principles of standing out and communicating like a champion. Several years later I went onto create a second company - constructIT Group - a web-based software that allowed companies to collaborate on projects through a secure web-based environment. We did quite well with this company despite the challenges of not having financing in place - rather we boot strapped the creation of this product through our agency. In 2008 I renamed our company to Redchair Branding to better reflect the new direction that I was taking my agency. We focused more and more on branding and I eventually launched my speaking career through my Branding Boot Camps. At this time I launched my second and third book, Kick Starters and Get Creative. At this point I had delivered well over 100 talks and I was fascinated with my ability to creatively inspire people and ideas to action. I became registered with the National Speakers Bureau and started to align more of my actions into inspiring people for a living. You noticed I just said what I focused on more so than the actual title. that is the thing - focus on what it is that you want to create for yourself and how you want to live your life. For me is was to creatively inspire people and ideas to action. The vehicle that I employ to achieve the end result is a combination of: Writing - Coaching - Speaking - Creative Direction. There is where you truly have to GET NAKED. Let go of your past and what is holding you back- embrace the new and your passion and let your dreams and goals guide you. I was a virgin if you will in all of the fields and companies I created. Remember, I was trained and educated in architecture but I have gone on within the past 11 years to create even more successful careers for myself. I am continually reinventing and improving myself. I continually believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I feel more connected to the universe than ever. I can ignite an entrepreneur to action within 1-2 days and clearly map out their entire plan. I can reach any audience with impact and inspire them to create their desired life. I can creatively direct any campaign with laser precision and award-winning creativity. I am now focused on developing a TV show and magazine where I can truly expand my reach inspiring millions to action. This is what I was put on this earth to do. I see it and I believe in it. I am focused only on what I want to create and continually attract the people and the resources that I need to make it a reality. I encourage all of you to GET NAKED and let go of what is holding you back - get of your own way so you can allow your true self to step in and create. Want to learn more - email me at gerry@redchairbranding.com and let's get you NAKED.