Why Time

Friday, July 29, 2016

Release the light.

Picture this scenario.  You're with your significant other, out for dinner with some friends, and during the conversation you hear a comment that triggers you.  You are suddenly offended and the next 24 hours, your mind spirals completely out of control. 

Welcome to the human race!  I've often shared that we either live with love or fear.  These two emotions can't coexist in  our minds.  We often judge ourselves for the simplest of things.  We convince ourselves that we're not good enough, strong or pretty enough, not smart enough and the list goes on...

Why do we allow ourselves to live in this kind of state? What I know for certain is that we were all born with a beautiful light. Inside each one of us is a seed of pure potential.  The bigger question is what have you been doing with that seed? How are you nurturing and feeding it?  Remember that every thought is a powerful creation that either breathes light into that seed or it keeps the light from reaching it and helping it grow. 

Every moment is an opportunity for you to take one more step towards the incredible journey that you're creating. Every thought that you allow to enter your mind is either nourishing your seed of potential or its impacting your ability to grow.  

See this light of your life as a miraculous feat of human existence.  You're here now to be and do so much more with the time you've been given.  Be gentle on your soul.  Love all of your imperfections and release the light.    

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Your last breath

The average person takes about 16 breaths per minute and if you manage to live until your 80 you would have taken 672,768,000 breaths in your lifetime. 

It's something we take for granted.  Something so effortless we don't even need to think about it - it's just there, our breath.  

It's only recently where I've started to really pay attention to my breath.  The sound, the connection to my mind and my heart as I strive to become one with it.  The more attention I give it the more it seems to become an energy force that surrounds me.  

I think about all of the millions of people who came before us and offered there 672,768,000 breaths in their lifetime. How did their life force impact us? Are we a part of their energy, their hopes and dreams.  

With every breath we take our body is filled with life.  The body gives way to your breath and our breath gives way to our life.  When we follow our breath from the start right through to completion a sense of calm surrounds us.  We are no longer separate from one another.  

With every breath I take I feel my life and the deeper contribution I'm making to the generations that will follow.  I am one with this earth, never alone and always connected.  

Make every breath meaningful as you move about your day.  Feel it coursing through you.  Pause and take in the wonder that is you.  When you find yourself feeling alone...remember, just breathe.  

Friday, July 15, 2016

The time you have left

If you believe that your time on this earth is finite then you're probably ready to define and create your life now.  

I'm not referring to your current way of being and just surviving, I'm talking about the kick-ass life that your ready to rock!

Everything you've believed was possible has gotten you to where you are today.  All of the thoughts, actions and choices opened the door ways and the thresholds you crossed. 

Are you ready for what's next?  Have you defined what that looks and feels like with the little time you have left?  

Embracing the certainty of death is the greatest way to feel alive. I believe that you're not meant to play small.  What I know for certain is the moment you DECIDE to believe in something far greater than what you've seen you will unlock a whole new set of doorways that will reveal what you're really capable of.  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Making a difference

What difference do you want to make in this world? How and what do you want to be remembered for? I know, you're sitting there thinking to yourself, "What difference can I make?"

All it takes is for one person with a powerful intention to ignite a shock wave of radical change.  Years ago, while I was  studying in the field of architecture, I had an inkling that became the spark that fuelled a desire to inspire a new ROI throughout our world. I define it as Reaching Out & Inspiring others.  

That's the great thing about little ideas, they start out like a few snow flakes and when you start to take action and bring them together, they generate momentum and eventually become an avalanche.  

That's all it takes, one idea, the seed of a great intention.  Surround it with belief and nurture it with inspired action, persistence and love.  I've often said that the world needs BIG DREAMERS, so decide what you want most, take powerful action and be the difference.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Carve out the time

Have you decided what you want to create most in your life?  Where and how you wish to live?  To make anything happen you need to carve out the time.  

I love to get creative with chunking out time. I call it GET CLEAR - it's a method I developed several years ago that helps you block out your week vertically by incorporating themes.  

Ok so why is this important? Here's the thing, if you don't carve out the time then you won't make the time.  The key to success is to develop the capacity to supercharge the moment.  You do that by freeing up the distractions in your mind. Blocking and theming your days of the week clears the space and the energy from thinking about what needs to get done.  When the moment arrives you are ready to rock the moment.  

For example, I block out Mondays for really powerful stuff called DRIVE & DREAM.  Every Monday I'm focused only on bigger picture thinking - no calls and no emails.  Friday's are powerful writing days, no social media, calls or emails!  As a 13 time author with a goal of publishing another 20 or so books I need a full day of immersion in my writing. The rest of the week is themed to focus on the key areas of my passion and purpose. I make time ONLY for what matters most: Publishing, Coaching & Speaking.  

It doesn't have to be perfect.  It's an organic process that you can tweak as you go along.  The key is to be very intentional with making the time for ONLY what matters most.  Ask yourself in the moment: What is most important right now?  Stick with your schedule for at least 90 days so your brain can rewire itself and accept this new behaviour and that's what it's all about, replacing older conditioned habits with a few stellar success habits.  

Every morning at 5:00am I super charge my performance with an hour of power: 30 minutes of deep meditation and visualization followed by 30 min of physical activity.  Then I write, publish and share an inspiring blog. 

Decide what you want most, take powerful action and carve out the time to go get it!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Where is the Joy?

I just returned from hosting a 2 day WHY Intensive retreat.  The driving theme was creating a vision that connects.  When you are living with greater passion everyone around you feels your joy.  Can it really be that simple?  Why can't it be? 

Why do we choose to complicate so many things in our lives that takes us away from living our joy?  

When you were a child you knew what brought you joy.  Then somewhere between the age of 14 and 40 you decided that joy was no longer a priority. In the organizations that I inspire - if it's not connected to the so-called ROI then it's eliminated.  

Why do we eliminate the things that have the power to bring meaning, happiness and fulfillment to our lives? Do you not want to wake up each day feeling a tremendous aura of excitement and enthusiasm?  

What's your personal ROI? Mine is to inspire 1 Million people to REACH OUT & INSPIRE others.   Isn't that a world worth creating? Don't we all want to leave this earth knowing that we mattered and contributed to others in some way?

I think you want the same thing.  You and I - we're all connected to the same energy that gives us life.  Our time here on this earth is finite.  One more deep breath and that may be it.  

Today and everyday from this moment on, decide to take 100% responsibility for the life you've been given.  Decide to live with greater joy.