Why Time

Monday, December 22, 2008

The XMAS Rush

I set out to defy the current economic times by re-inventing myself and our company. This December has been the most progressive month for our company this year. Not only did we secure a major branding contract in Toronto, we also secured our first BIG THINK event in partnership with The Ontario Chamber of Commerce and world-class speaker, Mike Lipkin. This has been a rewarding December that I will never forget. With the power of the Law of Attraction, I have manifested all of my 2008 personal and business goals. I now have the foundation to grow Redchair Branding into a Fortune 500 company and attract incredible clients and opportunities 2009. I have enbraced these times with confidence and creativity to evolve my approach and my creative service offerings by becoming The Worlds Creative Think Tank. I encourage all of my clients and colleagues to do the same, to take action and adapt to this changing marketplace with enthusiasm. Enbrace these times, get creative, stand out and overcome the odds. In December, I had the pleasure of attending a 3 day mediterian cruise with Emily and took that opportunity to recharge for the upcoming excitement that awaits me. The 50 events planned for 2009 will provide me with the opportunity to creatively reach out and inspired thousands of people to take action and go for their dreams.

I returned fresh and full of creative energy. My first week back I had 3 awesome meetings with The National Speakers Bureau, Mike Lipkin and The Ontario Chamber of Commerce. 2009 is starting out to be the most exciting year ever with major speaking engagements already planned for January, February and March. On February 21 I will be delivering a high-energy Boot Camp in Guelph to 600 young professionals. On March 27 and 28th, I will be partnered with Mike Lipkin and The Ontario Chamber of Commerce in our first ever BIG THINK, a world-class event being held at The Kingbridge Centre in King City in Toronto. Ever since I declared my goal of Creatively Inspiring 1 million people, I have stayed true to this vision, applied the power of visualization, took action and expressed sincere gratitude for all of the events as they manifested. As I sit here on Monday Dec.22, 2008, I am getting ready for an exciting holiday season with my family and friends. I wish you all a successful 2009 and a warm filled holiday season with your family and friends.