Why Time

Monday, June 6, 2016

TGIM: Thank God I'm Motivated

How you choose to start off your week influences the success that you'll experience at the end of it.   Is it just another Monday like all the rest or is the first true day of your life? 

What's possible today? What if this day became the one that others write about years from now.  What if today was a defining moment for you? 

For the past several years I've made it a practice to drive & dream on Mondays. It's my way of igniting the greatness, keeping my dream machine turned on and blasting out of the gate with incredible momentum.  I grab the one I love and together we take off and explore the world of possibility that exists in our minds.  

What opportunity is waiting for you to grab a hold of?  You'll find that once you get the wheels turning its hard to slow down the momentum that you've started.  Your intention is on fire and lights up the sky like a beacon that calls out to others.   

Grab a hold of today, no one really knows how many more moments you'll have to Thank God you're Motivated.