Why Time

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take Action and Realize your Success

I met a wonderful entrepreneur 2 years ago at an event I was speaking at in Toronto. A few days later this person - Liliana Segal approached me and shared with me her vision of creating a new Green Event Company with an amazing global purpose. Within a few weeks of coaching with me, Liliana took action and got out of her comfort zone. Her dream is now a reality - www.greenchairevents.com It is amazing to me when I see an individual take action and create the life they want. So many of us have a sense of what we want to do or create, yet we hold ourselves back for fear of not getting it. Let Liliana be an inspiration to all of you, this amazing women with a vision to change the world one event at a time took action and now is living her dream.

I encourage all of my clients and audience members to figure out what it is that you want for all areas of your life:

Personal - Career - Finances - Community and make a list of the goals that you want to achieve. Post these goals in prominent places throughout your home so you see them on a regular basis. Visualize your goals as already complete and most importantly - TAKE [ACTION] now in pursuing your goals.
In my new book, The Innovation Gap, I encourage readers and corporations to apply my 10 Creative Laws designed to help them cultivate creativity in life and business. When you are getting creative, you are sending out powerful signals that defines you and your brand. You are creating an experience that people want to connect with. You are going beyond just connecting with their minds - rather you connect meaningfully with their hearts and win them for a life time. One of my first Creative Laws is to focus on uncovering your unique potential and ability. This ties into Lilian's story. She was a great event planner, however, she wanted more and got laser focused on what she wanted to create. Once an entrepreneur shares their vision with me it becomes real to me and to them. I then stick on that and do everything I can to ignite them to action. When Liliana felt my passion and my enthusiam she knew this vision was no longer in the future but NOW. All she had to do was to then take action and see her goals maninfest.