Why Time

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My love for you

My love for you started on a cold, late summer night with the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks. I was unaware of my ability to give and receive love until this moment that the universe pulled me towards you. What took a thousands years to find was now in my arms and in my heart, I was changed forever. 

My love for you started when the nurse gently placed you in my arms, this precious gift of life. The touch and smell of your skin could only be described as a miracle. You entered this world with great purpose, a gift handed to me from God above. 

My love for all of you started the moment I became aware and awake to something bigger than us all.  My daily motivation was driven by the inspiration of your passion, purpose and outcomes. Your belief in yourself that you are meant for more became my oxygen. I didn't know what the hell I was doing but I knew with certainty and crystal clear precision that I could lift you up for the world to see you as you were meant to be seen. 

We are all meant to experience a new level of unconditional love, it connects us all. We have all arrived to this place in our minds and our hearts for one single purpose - to Reach Out and Inspire  others to strive for a new way of being. When we help one another pull away the curtains that are shielding us from a deeper level of awareness that we are all meant for more, we will consciously reveal why we are all here.

I imagine creating a world inspired by love and potential, free of fear, jealousy, envy, lack and hate. When we consciously believe in the power of the human race and take action by lifting one another up to a new level of being that will serve us all, we will reach a new summit of possibility. 

It's what we are all seeking and what we all deserve. It's our new ROI for the world. Today and everyday, Reach Out and Inspire others to be extraordinary.