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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Communicate like a Champion

I just returned from an inspirational talk that I gave to the Insurance Institute of Canada last week in Toronto. What a fantastic and inspired crowd. As a speaker I can attest to the power to communicate like a master. Words and a personal committment to collaborate with all those around you is outstanding. For me, it's not just about getting up on stage and hiding behind a podium and flipping slides. For me, its about exciting and engaging my audience into action. I emerse myself into the crowd and strive to get the best out of them and out of me. I approach the audience at the start of all presentations with a promise that I will give them 110%. All that I ask in return is that they engage with me for the next 60 minutes so I can deliver with even greater impact. I absorb their creative energy and transfer it back to them ten times as stong. I want my audience to feel my passion deep into their sub-conscious. I don't want them to just 'hear my words' - I want them to open the right side of their brain and experience a rush of inspiration.

Several days following my key-note last week, I received a fantastic testimonial via email from one of the delegates. Her words inspired me and she noted that my message was exactly what she needed to hear and I came to her at the exact time in her life that she needed me most. This individual was outstanding and I am very grateful for her kind words.

To communicate like a master requires a personal committment that starts way before the words come out of your mouth. For me it starts days in advancve of the event. I visualize the outcomes that I expect to receive. I fixate on the end prize which in this case is an inspired and excited audience. I get physically and mentally prepared before a key note so I can summon the creative energy that I will require. I approach my events as an entertainer and performer helping the audience get the most from the experience. Its not just an event, its about putting on the ultimate show.

I recently attended an evening dinner in Denver with some potential customers from Atlantic Canada. The energy in the Brazillian restaurant was outstanding. Great venue, great food, laughter and fascinating conversation filled the space. Through the meal, I focused on cultivating a relationship with my future customers. As we dined, drank and laughed, my customer felt inspired. I demonstrated a genuine interest in their personal lives, passions and hobbies. That evening I was successful in cultivating the start of a strong future relationship with our new customer. They even commented on the depth and layers of the people in our organization and how impressed they were with our approach.

My message within this BLOG is to seek new and innovative ways to reach the people around you. Strive to reach them at new levels and demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for what you do. We are all connected and the more we attempt to reach people in this manner, the more successful we will all be in cultivating relationships with those around us.
Thank you for reading.
Cheers to an inspired day.