Why Time

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What are you still resisting?

I recently hosted a live session with an extraordinary global team.  The energy was focused on getting crystal clear on WHY you're here!   One of the team members shared, how they still struggle finding joy with the HOW's.  

We are all born with a profound purpose.  Our inner-being innately knows what brings us joy.  It's effortless and there is no resistance.  When you are living through your passion and purpose, you are in complete and utter bliss, we call it FLOW.  

When resistance shows up, that's your inner-being whispering to you, it's time to define a new path, that is aligned with your greater purpose.  

A great way to start aligning yourself, is to define the outcomes that you wish others to experience from you living your passion and purpose.  What do you want others to feel? Think about that and live this question.  

When you make it about others, that's when the resistance begins to fall away. When you're contributing your unique gifts with the world, that's when you transform discomfort into growth.