Why Time

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beyond Facebook Likes

Recently I received a criticism for not having a sufficient amount of Facebook likes.  I was even advised to 'purchase' more likes.  

Is this truly the destination that we've arrived at? Somehow I think the human race was meant for so much more.  

I exist as an author and transformational novelist with a mission of inspiring 1 Million people to answer the only question that matters: WHY are we here?

It took me a lifetime to arrive at this profound realization of Why I Exist.   Then again our time here on this earth is only a brief moment.  

Throughout my global journey I've had the pleasure of being awakened to the hidden mystery of our vast universe and more importantly our unique role in it.  

I've chosen to live with the mantra: 'Less but Better.' I strive to savour every delicious moment and nurture fewer and deeper relationships.  

The amount of impressions, likes, followers has very little impact on what and who I want to be remembered for.   

All it takes is for one profound connection to spark greatness and create a ripple of influence.  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Driven by Meaning

This BLOG does not come with 5 easy steps.  
There aren't hidden promotions neatly sewn into the seams.  
The only caveat is that you read it with an open heart and an intent to understand. 

The intention of this preservative-free post is simply this: 
What will bring greater meaning to your life?
What will make you feel as if you've arrived?  What is your prescription for greater meaning?
Is it driven purely by financial gain?  Is it ignited through incentives?  

If you are part of this human race then simply look up and around and tell me what you see and feel.  Do others feel connected or are they alone?  Are they living with flow and ease or greater pressure just to keep up?  

Why does this even matter? Why have I chosen to share these compelling thoughts weaving their way throughout my cortex?  Here is the thing.  In a sea of disconnection and disillusionment we seem to have displaced what truly brings us greater meaning.  

Are the disenchanted walls that you're chosen to lean your ladder against revealing the answers?  Are you even interested in scaling the summit?  Or worse, do you believe you are worthy of the climb? 

Everyone of us is here to help one another define their lives.  None of us are meant to flounder.  My hope is that we begin to submerge the inconsequential and give rise to a new ROI for the world (one where we all Reach Out and Inspire others). 

Choose to drink in copious amounts of meaning.  Desire to taste the one delicious life you have been served.  Intend to ignite the spark that will scorch the starry skies.  Do it all NOW, not someday for tomorrow is NOT promised.  

Live as if life was your only TODO list.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

I'm good enough!

Let's get real for a second. The world doesn't make it easy for you to feel as if you've done enough.  

We've created a goal-oriented society that places 'doing' high above 'being.'    

Since the age of six, we are defined by our grades; performance; achievements; rank, relationship status and appendage size.  

Seriously is this conditioning really serving our higher selves?  Are we truly a happier race as a result? Are we swimming in an ocean of deeper fulfillment?   

I don't know about you but I find myself navigating a sea of 'not measuring up.'   I find this energy weaving its way into the very fabric of my life.   

At 3:11AM I feel my mind stirring to an unsettled reality and that's when the BIG QUESTIONS enter my cortex: Am I a good enough parent, life partner, writer and publisher?  Have I done enough to serve others?  

When will it feel like its enough?  When we are buried six feet under below the frost line?   When our spirits finally abandon the physical existence of our limitless universe?

What I have come to appreciate in my 47 year journey is that I choose to exist with the energy of 'being enough.'  

I couldn't imagine a more perfect way of being.  Like you, l am a beam of light travelling across a vast and unbridled universe of possibility.   

I am enough! Say it 5 times fast and let this energy carry your soul across a sea of hope and love.   For this is my greatest intention: a world inspired when we all reach out and inspire one another.  

I see you in all of your glory and you are more than enough. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ride like the Wind

It's a sunny Spring Sunday afternoon.  The kind we used to experience before the wondrous effects of global warming.  I'm sitting on my front porch re-reading Stephen King | On Writing for the second time.  

As I glance up from my new round glasses that I happily picked up in Florence last year, I can't help notice a man teaching his son to ride a bike.  

Little Johnny didn't seem to require any guidance at all from his over protective dad.  As he raced across my view,  I overhead his dad bellow: "Don't get to proud of yourself!" 

I sat there puzzled and thought to myself, 'Why wouldn't this little road runner not want to feel a huge sense of pride?' 
I felt like cheering him on: "ride like the wind...Pony Boy!"  

It got me thinking.  Before the age of 4, we're told we can be and do anything we set our minds to.  Then as we start to find 'our voice' our proud parents begin to invoke the power of NO into our cerebellum. 

By the time we hit grade 6, little Johnny that used to ride like the wind suddenly feels as if he needs to stay firmly anchored to the ground.  

I've often said that we've forgotten how to Dream Big.  We are conditioning generations of conformists who sadly believe they need to ride safely between the lines.  

I say, ride like theirs no tomorrow Johnny for tomorrow is never promised.  Dream Big with an energy of unbridled possibility.  Do it all with pride and unabashed enthusiasm.