Why Time

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Remembering WHY

Remembering WHY

What are you meant to remember in this brief time?  What is your soul whispering to you?   

It wasn't that long ago when your inner child knew what brought you joy.  It was a whisper and a deeper knowing of who you were meant to be.   

Over the years you have lost your way. Like most of us you have created a new reality of priority none of which is serving your deeper calling.   

You've allowed FEAR to become your driver pulling you further away from your light.   

You've dimmed the brightness so others won't feel blinded. You've surrendered to the noise of the crowd so others won't be awakened. You've suppressed your passion because others can't feel theirs.

This energy no longer serves you or the world.  It's time to take control of the wheel.  Set a new course that is filled with passion and purpose.  

It's time to drive yourself to the only destination that will fill you up.  Remembering WHY you are here.