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Monday, June 20, 2011

Be one of 10

For the past 2 years I have been travelling the globe inspiring people to action and collaborating with some of the top world-class speakers and coaches including Jack Canfield and John Assaraf of the hit book - The Secret. Now in collaboration with THiNKSPOT Burlington - The Hottest THiNKSPACE in town - I am pleased to launch 3 of my top inspirational Boot Camps to 10 individuals.

I have had the honour of living a life inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to action helping them STAND OUT and create their desired lives, build their personal brands and communicate like magic. This has been a very rewarding year and i love being a part of their creative journey. Now together with 9 other individuals - you get to spend 3 intense hours with me at THiNKSPOT and learn how to [SHIFT] your thinking. Starting on July 14, 2011, I will be delivering the following 3 exclusive Boot Camps:

1. July 14, 2011 from 9:00am - 12:00pm - Presentation Boot Camp:

In this exciting Boot Camp - I will help you present like a wizard and teach you how to engage your audience and cultivate more meaningful relationships with customers. This Boot Camp is for anyone that wants to present more effectively. I will even review the tools and process of becoming a world-class speaker. This Boot Camp will help ignite the master presenter in you and take you to a whole new level. Imagine winning a room, commanding an audience, delivering more effective presentations, and winning the hearts of your customers. I am only taking 10 individuals for this exclusive Boot Camp - as a bonus you will receive a copy of my book - What Have You Got To Win? The Success Principles to Winning Presentations.

2 August 9th, 2011 from 9:00am - 12:00pm - Branding Boot Camp:

My infamous Branding Boot Camp has helped thousands across the globe develop their own personal brand - stand out and differentiate from the marketplace. Now more than ever - it is essential to have a compelling brand that radiates confidence and attracts great people into your life. During these three hours - I will help you harness your unique ability and tap into your passions so you can start to create a brand that projects your magnificence. I will highlight some of the top brands and their approach at building a brand culture. I am only taking 10 individuals for this exclusive Boot Camp. As a bonus you will receive a copy of my book GET CREATIVE - Unleash your Creativity.

3. August 30th, 2011 from 9:00 am - 12:00pm - Innovation Boot Camp:

The final Boot Camp in this inspirational trio is focused on my 10 Laws of Creativity. In this exciting Boot Camp I will help you get more creative with all aspects of your life - both personal and business. I will show you proven tips used by world-class experts on how to re-condition your mind, fixate on the end prize, set measurable goals and form new success habits. I will articulate how successful companies create innovative cultures. I will show you how to harness your inner creativity and create the things you want most in your life. I will show you how to take control and become the architect of your life. I am only taking 10 individuals for this exclusive Boot Camp - as a bonus you will receive a copy of latest book, The Innovation Gap, Cultivating Creativity in Life and Business.

I am so excited about spending this quality time with 10 individuals and being a part of your exciting journey. These Boot Camps have been developed by some of the leading facilitators and are designed to help empower you to take action. My Boot Camps are designed to make you a part of the action. Typically my Boot Camps consist of 100 individuals, however, with this exciting collaboration with THINKSPOT you and 9 other individuals will work closely with me for three hours per Boot Camp. Since we are only taking a total of 10 individuals per Boot Camp I highly recommend that you reserve your seat today.

In addition to receiving three hours of inspiration and a free copy of my 3 books, you will also receive worksheets for each Boot Camp designed to help you chart your progress. I want to share with you some feedback from past Boot Camp attendees:

"I enjoyed your presentation last week. You were able to get a lot out of our group and the level of interactivity with the group was outstanding. The best presenters are those who can tap into the audience's energy" Amy Terrill, Former VP - Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

"I have seen Gerry share centre stage with Jack Canfield and also received one-on-one coaching with Gerry. Recently he has collaborated with John Assaraf. He is absolutely inspiring. I recommend Gerry to anyone that wants to feel further inspiration and accomplish amazing results." Derek Flint, Kelly Services.

"Gerry delivered innovative concepts and skills into a bundle of raw energy that's waiting to be unleashed in my personal and professional life. The Boot Camp was practical - thought provoking and life changing." Karen Audet, Operations Manager, Greater Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce.

Debra Pickfield owner of THiNKSPOT is standing by to take your call or your email. 905.639.1314 debra@thinkspot.ca. Make sure you tell her to book your [HOT SEAT] for one, two or all three Boot Camps. There is a special discount for individuals wanting to sign up for all three.

Let's make this summer the best one ever and start igniting the areas in your life that matter most:

  • Launch your first book

  • Become a world-class speaker

  • Get a promotion at work

  • Create your own consulting firm

  • Attract a new life partner

  • Grow your customer base

What have you got to Win? Everything!

I look forward to seeing you soon.