Why Time

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Simply.Living. A Meditation

Close your eyes, take the deepest breath and blow out the energy of what no longer serves you. It's time to set you free from the weight of the world. This is your time to savour your life in all it's glory. It's time to simply live. See your future self now in this present moment - you are free, happy, at peace, filled with love and unbridled possibility. You can't imagine living any other way. Mornings are slow and delicious. Love flows through you abundantly. Each moment is filled with purpose, you now understand what life is all about - you live for each moment, you are alive and free. 

How did you arrive at this place? You released the fear that was holding you down. You allowed only love to fill you up. You let go so you could let God. You believed in yourself and mastered the only voice that mattered, your own. You took action by saying yes to only what matters and no to the rest. 
You are Simply. Living.