Why Time

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What makes your Heart Sing?

What is inside your heart waiting to come out and be felt and experienced by others? What have you been holding back on pursuing? What brings the greatest joy to your life and makes your heart sing? Only you can decide what you want to experience most. No one can push you to do it. We can show you our love and our belief in you - it's always been there just like the love that you deserve, it's why you attracted us, you are becoming what you seek. 

Somewhere along the way the song in your heart became silent and now it's only a whisper. Close your eyes and see yourself on a mountain top with your arms stretched up high for the world to see. Let the music inside your heart beat once more as you declare your intention to the world - this is who I am and what I intend to be and do with the little time that I have left on this earth. 

What makes your heart sing? We're listening. 

Be seen in all your glory

The greatest gift you can give anyone is for them to see you in all your glory. When you step out of the shadows and into the light sharing your story and deeper purpose with the world - you are inspiring others around you to do the same. When you sit alone night after night wallowing in self doubt, regret and judgment you are influencing others around you to do the same. You are a child of light with a spirit that is so big when unleashed from the chains of reality that you've created you will literally be able to move all those around you to new levels of self awareness for why they are really here. We get so caught up with our bodies and our physical surroundings  - these are temporary physical containers housing a powerful mind, spirit and energy that ONLY knows love, peace and potential. 

Release the energy that no longer serves you. How do you do that? You become what you are seeking. If you are seeking inner peace, joy and happiness then start to be and do only those things that bring you joy. To allow inner peace to enter your mind then become intentional by creating stillness every morning through meditation. 

Look for ways to be seen for who and why you truly are here. Make this a daily intention to share with others what you want to be recognized and remembered for. Don't let the so called 'daily grind' become your way of being. Create a legacy for yourself by declaring to the world what your special gifts are and that you are ready to share them with us all.