Why Time

Monday, June 1, 2015

It's all about posture

When you're passionate about you, your intention and what you are creating then others around you can't help but feel your contagious enthusiasm. We exist in an age of inspired collaboration so you gotta start thinking about your posture and how you want to be perceived. This applies to how you engage and interact with others in the world - AKA - all multi-sensory touch points: one-on-one conversations, texting, email, your energy on the phone, your social media posts and oh yea, the world is watching you or ignoring you depending on the energy of your posts. 

Are you bringing people up or tearing them down? Are you being interesting or interested in them? Are you listening with the intent to understand what people are saying to you or are you cutting them off with your point of view? Are you playing the same sad record of your past life or are you excited for the present moment and sharing your vision for where you're going? Are you trying to get people to change (which is impossible so stop wasting your time) or are you changing the way you look at people?  Are you embracing everyone and every challenge as a great teacher or are you living with blame and regret? 

Today is a new day that will set you free if you let it.