Why Time

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Funk Off

We all get into slumps and funks - heck it's comes with being human, it's part of our job of being alive. The good news is that you are the master of your own level of Funk. You can either choose to create your life and your day in advance or you can have others create it for you. You get to chose how you respond to the emotions that show up and they always do, everyday. Tell your slump to funk off and get busy with creating your life. It's the act of creating that crushes the funk. It's the act of writing things down and looking for creative ways to share and tell your story that keeps you above the funk. When you choose to get intentional others around you can feel your energy. It's easy to slip into a funk and it typically happens when you retreat into your comfort zone, that's our natural human condition. The key is to get uncomfortable with being comfortable - the funk can't live there.  This is where I choose to live.  I see what I want and I take the actions knowing that I'm influencing the outcomes.  Your funk is a result of non-action or an expectation of a particular outcome that you have no control over.  You allow yourself to experience dissapointment - fear then creeps in and you retreat into your comfort zone where it feels safe - aka the slump. 

Proactive and intentional thought create your life and it keeps you at a higher vibration where the funk can't live. This is the energy behind my newest book titled: 'I Don't Know What the HELL I'm Doing - Everyday is a new day that will set you free if you let it. Today is your day so get busy with your life - crush the funk