Why Time

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What makes you weep?

The actions that are the most meaningful to you are the ones that make you weep. When you are connected to your deeper source of power, the true reason for being here, your soul is on fire. 

We are emotional creatures for a reason. Some call it intuition, it's our inner-GPS and guidance system, telling us that we are on or off track. 

We are not meant to live out our lives feeling numb - we are meant to feel our lives. It's this feeling state that connects us to our passions and purpose. It's the inspired actions that enable you to feel 'in-spirited' and connected to the flow of everything around you. 

Today, make a list of the actions that truly make you feel connected and filled with joy. It's these actions that give your life richer meaning and purpose. Have fun with this - play with it, you don't need to know what the hell you are doing you just need to know what lights you up and makes you weep.