Why Time

Friday, October 30, 2015

Keep it simple

Ever notice that it's the simpler things that brings you joy. A smile from a loved one, someone reaching out and holding your hand, a kiss on the cheek, sharing a glass of wine on your front porch. How are you simply living? Why is it we make things so complicated? Leonardo da Vinci said it best: 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' When you simplify all areas of your life, relationships, finances,career and family you bring a greater sense of peace and balance into your life.  Simplicity is the ultimate path to greater flow and ease. Design your ultimate day, how does it feel the moment you wake up? Imagine your day where you choose who you surround yourself with, the creative work that you do. You get to be what you desire to be because you're the architect of you. You don't need others telling you what to do. To Simplify is by far one of my most powerful insights in my latest book titled: 'I don't know what the hell I'm doing.' Simplifying is not about adding more it's the capacity to enjoy less. Our world can no longer sustain a consciousness of accumulation - it's time to search into your heart and decide how you want to live each day so you can start enjoying all of the miracles around you.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

You have to be the one

No one else is going to create it for you. You have to be the one to see it, believe it's possible and take daily action on creating it. No one is going to cross the threshold for you, they can't, it's your race and your journey. You have to be the one that conditions yourself on a daily basis, not just once in a while but everyday, working on your mind, your spirit and your belief in yourself. No ones going to win that next client for you, you have to be the one that nurtures the relationships in all areas of your life. No one is going to develop your inner-confidence for you, you have to be the one that carves out the time to work on you, it's a simple as an hour of power every morning - 30 minutes of deep stillness and 20 min of physical activity followed by 10 min of listening to a positive message or reading a really great book. 

This is your time, now, not someday, but now while you still have time, and air breathing in your lungs. You have the eyes to see but it's time to look into your heart and be the one that makes it happen. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are you Listening?

You've asked to play big, you've asked the universe for what you want. You've decided to create a new story for yourself, the one that you've always wanted to create and believe you deserve.   You've had enough of playing that old record over and over. You're ready to create your life your way. You're clear on who you are becoming in the process and you know only one direction and that's GO! 
So are you listening? In my latest book titled 'I don't know what the hell I'm doing' I share an insight called - listen with the intent to understand. Are you choosing to listen to your heart or are you still letting others influence you? Are you listening to the ones that believe in you and support your journey or are you listening to the nay-sayers who chose to have their life created for them by others. Are you listening to the leader within you knowing that you have what it takes to help others succeed and push through their comfort zone so they can create their desired life. You were born as pure potential and perhaps you're just starting to realize that power now, keep listening to the only thing that matters, you, here, now, in this moment. When your inside voice is more profound than anything external then you will have mastered your life.

Monday, October 26, 2015

What are you starting?

In my newest book titled: 'I don't know what the hell I'm doing' I share an insight called 'inspired action'. Here is the thing it doesn't really matter where you are but rather the direction that you are planning on heading in. Success loves momentum. The key to crossing the finish line is getting started. The goal of reaching the summit requires you be at the base of the mountain, looking up and taking the first step. Any achievement in human progress was realized by someone just starting. Declaring your intention, this is who I'm going to be, how I'm going to be of service to others and the actions I'm going to take. All you have is today, the belief in yourself as a co-creator and the power of this moment. All I have is my thoughts and my intention of inspiring something inside of you with this mornings why blog. It's one of my inspired actions. It's all I have this moment. All of my years of training, inspiration, writing, meditating, speaking, coaching, preparing, creating and developing myself has prepared me for this one moment. To share with you a profound insight or a learning that will perhaps inspire you and your idea to action. That is being true to myself and the only thing I can control and in this moment, I am living my why. 
So, let's get started.  

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Funk Off

We all get into slumps and funks - heck it's comes with being human, it's part of our job of being alive. The good news is that you are the master of your own level of Funk. You can either choose to create your life and your day in advance or you can have others create it for you. You get to chose how you respond to the emotions that show up and they always do, everyday. Tell your slump to funk off and get busy with creating your life. It's the act of creating that crushes the funk. It's the act of writing things down and looking for creative ways to share and tell your story that keeps you above the funk. When you choose to get intentional others around you can feel your energy. It's easy to slip into a funk and it typically happens when you retreat into your comfort zone, that's our natural human condition. The key is to get uncomfortable with being comfortable - the funk can't live there.  This is where I choose to live.  I see what I want and I take the actions knowing that I'm influencing the outcomes.  Your funk is a result of non-action or an expectation of a particular outcome that you have no control over.  You allow yourself to experience dissapointment - fear then creeps in and you retreat into your comfort zone where it feels safe - aka the slump. 

Proactive and intentional thought create your life and it keeps you at a higher vibration where the funk can't live. This is the energy behind my newest book titled: 'I Don't Know What the HELL I'm Doing - Everyday is a new day that will set you free if you let it. Today is your day so get busy with your life - crush the funk

Monday, October 19, 2015

What needs to change?

In my newest book titled - 'I don't what the hell I'm doing' I share with readers one of my favourite quotes: "Decide what you want most, take action and go get it." To many people fear asking this question and go through their lives never really getting what they want. It's easy avoiding this question and living day-by-day hoping that things will change. When you get clear on what you want you start to take action on what you want. For things to change you have to be willing to change. For things to get better you have to be willing to get better and rise above your current situation.  Change is good and the only true catalyst for growth. You can be the one that drives the change you are seeking and, you have all the control it just starts with you deciding what you truly want most and having the courage to take action and live it. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lead yourself

It's far to easy to look at your external world and blame them for the outcomes in your life - how is that working for you? What is this external world that we proclaim should gives us the happiness that we deserve?  It's everyone outside of ourselves: our bosses, our up line leaders, our spouse, close friends and family, our co-workers, our parents, neighbors, teachers, heck we'll even blame the government for our lack of action. I've often said:  "When your inside voice is more profound than anything from your external world you will have mastered your life!" 

Mastering my life means taking 100% responsibility for the life that I choose to create. It means knowing that I am the co-creator of my universe and the outcomes in my life are the direct result of my choices, thoughts actions and failures. Everything in my life has led me to this beautiful and brilliant place. Every action, non-action, risk and willingness to see everything and everyone as the most brilliant teacher allows me to live a life of inspiration. 

Here is the thing - you have tried it the other way and you know where that has led you - today is a new day that will get you onto a course of massive change if you choose to lead yourself first.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's your fix?

What are you fixating on every morning? You do realize that it's a choice right? You get to choose how you start your day knowing that your thoughts are things and will compound to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Are you fixating on the end prize? It's a realization in my new book - 'I don't know what the Hell I'm doing!' You need to see the end result - the outcome of what you wish to experience. You don't need to get hung up on all of the details, you just need to see the finish line. What's going to help you cross that line is your daily commitment to seeing it. An hour a day creates your way. Think about it, what you focus on expands. You know this to be true. What would happen if you went to bed one hour earlier writing down everything you are grateful for? Waking up one hour earlier say 5:30am and focusing on seeing your future self in all it's glory. What would happen to the start of the upcoming year if you chose for the last 2 1/2 months of this year to fixate just on the end prize? 

This is your time and we're all at the end of the line waiting to cheer you on. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thank God...

It's far to easy to get distracted by what you don't have and what you are pursuing. It's far to easy to get lost in the details of it all. What are you truly thankful for? Can you see the power of this moment? Do you realize that every choice and life experience has taken you to this point in your life? What if you poured all of your love and your gratitude into who you have become. What if you have arrived and you simply can't see all the heavenly glory that surrounds you? It's like any muscle, we need to condition a gratitude mindset to truly receive the gifts and the opportunities that have come our way and into our path.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What will it take?

What will it take to move you into the direction that you need to be heading in? What will it take to get you believing in yourself again knowing that your confidence will move mountains? What will it take to summon up the courage to change your relationships, first with yourself then with those closest to you? What will it take to finally see that you don't have three lives to live and everyday that you don't step into your life adds to the weight of future regret. What will it take to embrace the angels,the opportunities and the gifts that have been put into your path. 

What if your someday is this moment? What if there was nothing else in the horizon only the here and the now waiting for you to just grab a hold of it. What if you embraced the energy of not needing to know what the hell you are doing but only trusting in the why and just going for it!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Are you listening?

I love that we've been given so many ways to listen to others. Sure there is your ears that's a given and a miracle in itself but what about listening with your heart, soul and mind. What are the winds of change trying to whisper to you? What is your breath in this moment trying to tell you, are you paying attention to it? 

When you pay close attention to all of the energies around you something magical begins to happen. My intention with this mornings WHY Blog is to help you master hearing with the intent to understand. To understand first requires you to get clear with what you want and wish to experience. When you are clear the signs and the richness of everything around you takes on whole new levels of meaning. Be open to what and who is appearing in your life, especially now. Walk in nature, listen and savour the changing seasons. The leaves raining on you, the cool breeze whispering in your ear and the sounds of your foot steps as they take you to the place you desire to be.  

I've shared in my newest book - I don't know what the hell I'm doing a new philosophy and way of being with this energy.  The realization is that acceptance is peace. The only thing you need to become aware of is why you are here. Ask and live these bigger questions from this book such as: What do I need to embrace or what do I need to release? Don't just ask them once - step in and listen with the intent to understand you and what is in your heart. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Be the Best

What is your best, have you ever contemplated what that looks like? What would being your best in your relationship mean to you? How about those around you, your team, what would being the best look and feel like? What if being the best simply meant going one extra inch in developing yourself. 

What would being  the best in your family mean? What do they need from you? More love, more understanding? 

What would being the best in your community do for others? What if you participated just 1 day of the year giving back at a mission services, imagine if we all did that today, why not today?  

What would being the best for your world mean? What does the world need from you? What special gifts can you start sharing with others believing that the world will be helped by you - I call that living your deeper WHY. 

What if being the best meant really being you, not the surface you that tells everyone that everything is just alright but the real, authentic soulful you that came into this world naked and full of unbridled possibility. When was the last time you met that side of yourself? 

What if being the best version of you could give others around you permission to do the same. What if being you meant being me believing that we 're all connected, here at this time to help one another be, isn't that what being human is all about?