Why Time

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Free Falling...

Running through the forest this morning at 6:00am, blasting Tom Petty's 'Free Falling' I have never felt more alive. I remind myself with every stride, that I'm here, now and free in this moment. I tell myself, I am this moment. I love it, the sounds of nature, the crisp cool air brushing against my face. It's the greatest time to be alive. I feel compelled to smile and express gratitude for the gift of life and inspiration that I have been given. 

Running a few strides behind me, is my love. We set a powerfull intention for the day. We don't let the day be created for us, we design the day. Our freedom starts at 5:00am with an incredible morning of quiet stillness and meditation followed by a few kisses of course, and a run along the escarpment. The world is not quite awake but we are alive in this glorious moment. We are free to inspire one another, ourselves and the world. 

When do you truly feel free? What do you need to embrace in your life to feel a greater sense of freedom? What things in your life do you need to shift? If you could design your day your way, what would it feel like? How would you express yourself to the world? Who would you share your energy with? 

When you come to the awareness that you are here, now, in this moment to make a difference, by contributing your gifts to the world, you will realize that you are already FREE. 

Stand tall, stretch your arms out wide, close your eyes and feel how free you are in this moment. We are all here to see you soar.