Why Time

Monday, January 30, 2017

Let it be

Let it be

You've spent your whole life in a state of immense doing. This conditioning has you being defined by 'doing more.'

You've given away your life energy to fulfill other people's incessant need to achieve more.  

How is this working out for you thus far?  What do you really long to experience in your one precious life: Inner peace, balance, ease and flow? How about a sprinkle of fulfillment and a dash of passion?

Every moment you have a choice like now, here reading this mornings WHY BLOG which I am eternally grateful for.  I write and share these words because they're in my heart.  It's my inspired way of being.   

I chose to stop operating the 'DOING MACHINE' while under the INFLUENCE a long time ago! It was a time when I finally remembered WHY the fuck I'm here!

What if you chose to just BE.  Sounds simply delicious. Most simple things are. And you'll find that learning how to BE fills you up at whole new levels.   

This is your opportunity to reCONNECT with the light that was always there. Take the time to remember the moments that brought you joy and the elated feeling of serving others with your simple gifts.   

Let it be. Again.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pour it out slowly

Pour it out slowly 

I'm one of those guys that still uses a vintage espresso maker. You know the one, it sits on a stove and makes about 2 cups of deliciousness. 

Savouring the little things always brings me joy.  When you think about it most simple things do!  

In this fast-paced and super-sized world we seem to place greater emphasis on doing and acheiving [MORE].  

Preparing an espresso puts me in the moment.  You can't rush scooping out the freshly ground coffee beans.  The water level has to be just right otherwise it won't percolate.  

Next comes the hardest thing.  [WAITING].  The burner proceeds to heat up the bottom of this stainless steel icon from another era as I wait in great anticipation.  

The 2 espresso cups are placed on the counter with a perfect amount of Sambuca (a delicious liqueur) lining the bottom. A tiny spoon sits inside. This ceramic wonderland patiently awaits to be filled. 

Over 10 minutes go by and still no espresso.  Suddenly a sound as faint as a whisper begins to hum.  The air is instantly filled with an aroma that reminds me of a Sunday morning in Tuscany.  

The greatest things in life come to those that believe and wait.  When we take the time to nurture our selves and our relationships we experience greater results.  We quite simply, taste our life.   

Your joy will not come from a life filled with rushing and doing.  Life is meant to be savoured in all of its daily richness.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Remembering WHY

Remembering WHY

What are you meant to remember in this brief time?  What is your soul whispering to you?   

It wasn't that long ago when your inner child knew what brought you joy.  It was a whisper and a deeper knowing of who you were meant to be.   

Over the years you have lost your way. Like most of us you have created a new reality of priority none of which is serving your deeper calling.   

You've allowed FEAR to become your driver pulling you further away from your light.   

You've dimmed the brightness so others won't feel blinded. You've surrendered to the noise of the crowd so others won't be awakened. You've suppressed your passion because others can't feel theirs.

This energy no longer serves you or the world.  It's time to take control of the wheel.  Set a new course that is filled with passion and purpose.  

It's time to drive yourself to the only destination that will fill you up.  Remembering WHY you are here.   

Monday, January 23, 2017

Less but BETER

Less but BETER

You've heard the expression, "It's not the quantity but the quality that matters." I have a new mantra that I live by, "Less but better."

What if the happiness you seek does not emanate from a pursuit of more.  To live a more purposeful life stems from your ability to pursue less but savour more.   

Now imagine tasting only the flavours that feed your soul.  When presented with a menu of your life, choose to savour one entree.  

Focus your love and attention on one thing at a time. To harness your greatest power in any given moment requires a focus of [singularity].  This is where your true power resides.  

Choose to master the one thing that lights you up.  Quite often you'll find that it's the one seed of an idea that gives birth to a garden rich in meaning.   

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Will the REAL you stand up

You ever feel as if you are continually defined by DOING? We live in a world that celebrates an incessant need to DO more.  

What if the path to happiness and fulfillment actually lives in the realm of BEING?  Developing the capacity to savour less helps you remember who you really are.  

Everyone of us was born as a perfect being of light and pure potentiality. We have some how lost our way back to that light, to whom we truly are.  

What if we chose to inspire everyone to return to this inner-light and embrace the power of becoming who we were meant to be.  

Imagine existing from that new state of being.  We would create a world filled with love, passion and purpose.  A universe without judgement, fear, competition, DIS-ease or lack.  

Imagine waking up everyday with greater levels of inner peace. We all have the power to create and shape our world.  We can help others navigate their way towards creating a world that was meant to nurture one another's true gifts. 

Today, choose to be the REAL you and inspire others to do the same.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Keep building

The time that you feel you can't push on is the time to keep building.

Not too long ago you had a dream like a whisper from the universe inspiring you to take action and build it.  

The power to see your DREAM realized lives inside of you.  Everyday you have a choice to [FOCUS] your energy and build it.  

Step by step, brick by brick your DREAM takes form through your belief, action and passion.    

Only you have the power to become the change you are seeking in the world.   

It's easy to wait for someday, you've done that your whole life.  It's easy to build someone's dream so WHY not you and WHY not now?   

What have you got to Win by believing in the [possible] and taking action everyday towards building the ultimate dream ~ your life.