Why Time

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Be happy NOW

Happiness is a choice. You either choose in this moment to be happy about absolutely everything in your life or you focus on the hundreds of little details that aren't current working. I meet so many people that think they will be happy when they are successful, when they get that promotion, when they get that mortgage approved or when the new BMW arrives. Don't get me wrong, goals and milestones are great but they are just markers and little flags in the distance to shoot for. Focus on living with a deeper purpose that drives your deeper WHY and in that state you will be at peace knowing that everyday is on purpose. 
Happiness is a state of mind and it will forever be an inside job. Start to master your thoughts , choose what to focus on and how you respond to the things coming at you. No one else has to change, they are showing up exactly the way they need to. 

The key to living a happy and fulfilled life is by taking 100% responsibility for you, your actions, your reactions, your choices and the habits you create. This is foundational stuff and it's daily just like life. It's always working and there is no power off button so you either choose happiness or you don't. I approach everyday as a miracle. I know what I want and deserve to receive, I take daily actions and I detach myself from the attachments. I focus on the outcomes that I want to experience and I discipline my dissapointment as I get they are just part of my journey towards excellence.  What I focus on expands, whether it's my inspirational work or my publications or my freedom team, I'm filled with joy for the PATH that I am now on.