Why Time

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Communicate masterfully

I love the notion that we're all connected at some deeper, cosmic level. I'm comforted knowing that no one is alone in the universe. We have all been living in what is termed 'the connection age'. So what will they say about us and this time in 100 years? Think about that for a moment. Did we really connect with one another's hearts? Did we create stronger connections as a human race? Everyday I strive to 'really see' people. I intentionally make eye contact with strangers, I smile at everyone. I ask the Starbucks staff how extraordinary their day has been. A brief while ago while staying in New York with my love Angela, a homeless person asked us for some money. I stopped and asked her to look up and tell me her name then I presented her with a gift. The gift she gave me was worth more than any currency it was a reminder that we are all connected and here to reach out and inspire one another. It all starts with an intention to communicate.