Why Time

Monday, October 27, 2014

Faith in Freedom

Love and fear cannot coexist in the mind simultaneously. They exist as polar opposites yet they both have the emotional charge to completely change the course of your life. They both influence which path and actions you take today, the habits that you form and the behaviours that shape your world. You have a choice today to let love and faith dominate your mind and fill up your heart. You have a choice to release the fear that has been holding you back and decide to master your life by listening to your inside voice and ignoring the naysayers. 

Faith is a belief in yourself and in the unseen - the life that you intend to create, will drive an intention so powerful that fear can no longer live inside of you. It is this faith that will create the freedom that you are seeking. No external level, promotion or mentor will be able to infuse you with this emotion. Your faith in yourself comes from within, it is always running 24-7 but it's upto you to thrust it to the forefront. It's upto you to hold it up in front of the light so you can remind yourself why you are here, now in this moment. You are already free.