Why Time

Monday, April 28, 2014

I think I can...I think I can...I know I can

Have you ever truly contemplated the BIGGER picture of your life?  Have you lived with the deeper questions like: Why do I exist?  What was I meant to create in this lifetime?  Asking these questions once only starts to bring awareness to the bigger picture of your life that to this point you may have been stalling on.  How do you know your full potential unless you strive to uncover it?  Many of think we can create what we want most,  Many of us have mastered the art of convincing ourselves to remain comfortable with the status quo.  It is after all what we have all been conditioned to do.  As long as we don't attempt to stand out and challenge convention we will remain in a state of harmony and balance right?

Now is the time to thrive and to think beyond conventional thinking.  It has brought you to this place but this is a new world, a new place that requires us to all think differently to push one another far beyond our capabilities.  This is how we will push the human race forward with determination and persistence.  We all need to go beyond just thinking we can.  We need to take even greater action than before.  We need to believe and know that we can all collaborate and push one another to a new way of being.  This requires a new form of participation and an inspired way of thinking.  All of us were meant for great things.  The greatness that we all seek is no longer reserved for the select few.  It will only flow our way when we take inspired action.  When we put aside our own needs and our desire to accumulate more likes, more friends, more followers.  It is time to wake up to a new world that starts with WHY and continues with how can we shine a light on others knowing that we are lifting the human race to the next plateau.  We can all become aware and conscious of this new reality and put others first but we need to authentically uncover what others need.

I believe and imagine a world inspired, a world where we are all inspirited with our life purpose and we know with crystal clarity why we are here and what we are meant to do.